My musings on all things esoteric


Welcome to my very personal blog about all the weird and wonderful things my mind comes up with. I ponder some very strange things in my meditations, and the esoteric nature of much of it won’t be to everyone’s liking, but…this is more my journal than anything. My quest for knowledge on esoteric and occult topics. It is not meant for the general public…it is esoteric!


Intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

It is interesting to note what Cobra, the voice of the Resistance Movement, had to say about the difference between esoteric and occult:

Esoteric means that which is not exoteric, it is inner not outer, it means all that is not connected directly with the physical plane. Occult means that which has techniques or ways to deal with those energies in a more concrete way, occult by itself is not positive or negative, it is just an approach to deal with energies, to direct energies, to work with energies one way or the other. And esoteric is more inner connection with the energies, not so much outer manipulation or direction of energies.

I am a conspiracy theorist, a New Age mystic, a researcher into all things arcane and unknowable. My musings are strictly subjective and personal. The above definition will hopefully help explain the strange nature of many of my posts. They really aren’t meant for public consumption, but I find I need to speak my Truth.