A couple of months ago, I came across the idea that Chango was the African god whom Thor was based on. I was fascinated, and looked him up. I believe that this is a mistaken belief, since Chango was once human and was an Alafin (king) of the Oyo dynasty, which existed between the 15th and 19th centuries. He was the 4th king, probably putting him in the 16th century. Thor was a god during the Viking age, which was from the 8th century to the 11th century. So…Thor came first. LOL However, I know them to be different entities, so the whole thing is moot. I only mention it as the jumping point in my interest in Chango.

I had taken on Thor as the God part of the equation in my pagan Goddess/God pantheon, with Gaia as the Goddess. I appealed to Thor as the god of thunder, since where I live now, out in the country, the thunder is so very loud, and quite frankly disturbing to both me and my beloved kitties. It always sounds right overhead, and shakes my little apartment. So…I appealed to Thor to ensure the lightning does not harm me or mine.

But Chango is a thunder god too, although this is not how I have come to know him. He first showed up in my dreams a couple of months ago, much to my surprise! He is very sweet and flirty and warm hearted. This was not the image I was finding to add to my Pinterest album on him! But as I researched him more, I realized he was noted as a ladies man too. This softer side of him is the side he has presented to me, which is probably best, since I have issues with men. I have been a very strident misandrist in the past, and am working on this to get to a better place. All this anger towards men does not serve me, and I am ready to let it go. Chango has come to help me with this. How wonderful of him! I am touched and honored. He has actually given me hugs in two of my dreams…nothing sexual, just warm and comforting. He has replaced Thor in my god pantheon. Sorry Thor. LOL

To explain the picture…yes, Chango has been labelled as Songo or Sango, one of the many spellings for him. I originally heard of him as Shango, but he told me he preferred Chango. His name is sometimes spelled Xango too. And although the pic shows Chris Helmsworth as Thor, this is the Thor that I associate with. Supposedly he was a red head with a heavy beard though. I wouldn’t know, since Thor has never actually interacted with me, unlike Chango; hence, Chango replaced Thor in my god pantheon. 🙂