I have been thinking on what the gods and goddesses are for quite a while now, and have come to some conclusions. They are divine beings who were once human, and have now ascended to a higher level of being. They are essentially ascended masters, like Jesus, Mary, Kuthumi, etc. They can be spirit guides, and are much like the archangels. I do not believe that the archangels are truly angels, since they have had human lifetimes too. By this logic, gods, archangels, ascended masters, and even saints are all essentially the same thing. If people don’t feel funny asking archangels for help, then why should we be any less inclined to ask other divine beings for help.

I have recently had a couple of gods/goddesses show up in my life, and they have proved to be helpful. I thank them for their interactions with me, and feel honored that they would want to deal with me. They have shown up in my dreams, and in visions. I have been able to connect and talk with them in my mind, and have found that they were not necessarily what I have read about them. It’s actually quite fascinating.