I believe I am one of the first wavers, one of the first ones to experience the upgrades from the Wave X gamma rays that bombarded our planet back in September 2015. Although I did not feel anything “hit” until October 28th, 2015. Supposedly, the first Wave X hit on September 29th, 2015, but something happened to me on Oct 28th that was significant enough that I went looking for information on the internet to help explain it. I knew something momentous had happened, but I didn’t know what. I did not know anything about Wave X at that time, and had no previous knowledge of the prophecies that it was coming. The fact that I didn’t feel anything until a month later makes me wonder when exactly that first gamma ray hit. So far, I have not found any verification of when exactly it hit the planet Earth.

Am I now some wonderful New Age spiritual person??? No. I have found that my depression has come back instead. But there is a lot of stuff going on in my personal life too. I don’t handle stress well. My parents aren’t well, and it’s not looking good for my father. My one sister has had a mini stroke, another is leaving her husband, and my baby sister is still struggling after a bad relationship with a meth addict and psychopath. I am very worried about her mental health. As an empath, I find that although I can shield from others well, it’s not that easy with family. Especially since we are all very emotional types to begin with…we feel strongly about things and are very vocal about what we’re feeling and thinking.

I have always struggled with depression and anxiety, and it runs in my family. I do believe that it is an existential type of depression though…I live in a very unenlightened part of the world and even my family considers me “strange”. They don’t really believe a lot of what I say about New Age things. Ah well. I do know that I am obviously needed to help anchor the Light in this area, and that is why I find myself here. What a thankless, lonely job, let me assure you! I was too brave when I planned out this lifetime! LOL I can easily see myself saying, on the Other Side while I was plotting out my birthchart, “yeah, yeah, I can handle it!” sigh

I am struggling to explain why things seem to have gotten worse, rather than better, for me as a result of this Wave X energy. All I can think is that there is still a lot of negativity within me, and no doubt my family, whom I am so in tune with. But then, the world seems worse too. I think perhaps the Dark is desperately trying to hold on, and is trying to keep us down, depressed, fearful and anxious. I am trying really hard not to give into that dark energy, and I believe we all need to work at keeping the Dark from gaining any ground in our new ascended world. This calls to mind the words from a psychic I recently started following…spirituality isn’t for sissies! LOL It definitely isn’t all flowers and singing birdies and loveliness…it’s hard work! It takes a lot of energy to overcome the Dark and to keep Light in our beings. Thankfully, now that the third Wave has occurred, it should get easier.