It seems that the last event horizon happened on June 20th, during the Summer Solstice and Full moon. I haven’t been online much, so I did not know that it was happening, but lately I’ve felt like something was up energetically, so I looked online to see what was going on with the ascension process. Okay now…we have all gone through the final of the 3 Wave X events that have been predicted. Yay!!!

These events are gamma ray pulses sent from the galactic core to help Mother Gaia with her ascension process. They are designed to change our DNA and raise our frequencies so that we can move into the 5th dimension along with Gaia. We are ascending from the 3rd to the 5th dimensions. Which does not mean the physical world is no longer 3D, but that all things (not just the humans) are now vibrating at a much higher rate and can operate in the 5D. And my favorite site has some interesting stuff about this. They explain each wave much better than I can here. There is also a very interesting treatise on the second wave , supposedly coming from Archangel Michael, here.

I want to liken the whole Wave X experience to the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. I remember everyone thinking it was going to be the end of the world (like Dec 21,2012). When “nothing” happened, people dismissed it. But I felt it…and the biggest shift I saw was that suddenly there was an explosion of angel paraphernalia everywhere! Books on angels, jewellry, TV shows, movies, paintings, etc, etc., kept cropping up everywhere I looked. I also noted an interesting phenomenon…suddenly people were a lot more open about New Age things. I have always talked about reincarnation and karma and kundalini and such esoteric things all my life, and prior to 1987, people would assert that they didn’t believe in such things and close right down and not want to listen. After 1987, people’s attitudes changed…suddenly people were saying things like “I don’t really believe in that, but…tell me more”. I noticed a huge shift in people’s attitudes, and belief structures shifting to more enlightened topics. I suspect this will be the same with the Wave X events…and I for one cannot wait!