The second Wave X event happened on March 20, 2016, but I was not aware of anything happening at this time. I felt both the first one and the last one, but this second one was a non-event for me. I will post this article supposedly by archangel Michael, which seems to be a good overview of what was supposed to happen. I do like the explanation of what “end of times” means. However, I have issues with people who claim to channel archangels. I worry about channelers who may inadvertently be dealing with the false Light. I can tell you right now, angels do not say things like “my dear ones”. They do not use flowery language and give false hope. All the ones I’ve dealt with are very matter-of-fact and concise. It is their very being that promotes love and peace, not their words. But this particular article seems to be of the Light and everything resonates as truth to me, so I am including it here for you.

Something I should point out about the Wave X events…roughly 2.5 billion people were affected by each gamma ray burst. So with the last one, everyone and everything on planet Earth has been changed and adapted to the 5th dimension now. I was reading that the second Wave X included all the animals, plant and rocks. Don’t know if this is true or not, but it seems the 1st wave kicked those who were already awakened into high gear to pave the way for everyone and everything else. The final wave is to bring the unenlightened into the mix. It seems to me that the other waves affect each of us in turn…I would think that the unenlightened need 3 pushes to get to where the rest of us are at. 😉