The third and final Wave X event happened on June 20th, during the Summer Solstice and full moon. I definitely felt this one, although again, I did not know what had happened. I had to go searching to see what significant energetic event had taken place, outside of the Summer Solstice and the full moon occurring on the same day! It actually took the prompting of someone in one of my Empath groups who asked what was going on because she felt like something was happening on another level. As an admin for the group, I thought it was a good idea to try to answer her, and that is how I came across the fact that all 3 waves have now completed. Don’t you just love how Spirit prods us along? 🙂

Well, I’m still struggling along with the depression and anxiety, but it seems softer somehow. I think my realization that this is the final stages of shedding all the negativity from our souls is making it seem more fortuitous, as opposed to backsliding into a previous negative state. I am sincerely hoping that this is the last time I have to deal with this negativity, and the issues that cause it. Some I thought I had already dealt with…I guess the lessons are being finalized and finished up now. I hope!

Here is a good video that helps explain why the depression is a part of this ascension process…the guy is really good at explaining things.