Yes, I have issues with the archangels, and take issue with the whole concept. Let me explain my understanding of what angels are. Angels do not have free will and have never been human, making them closer to God than humans. They cannot go against God, and they always help when asked. And you must ask for help…they cannot negate your free will by helping without permission. Now, humans aren’t the only sentient beings with free will, but for the sake of brevity, I will use the term “human” to indicate those of us with free will on this planet.

I do not know if many of you are aware of this, but from what I have been reading, archangels have all been human at some point. Metatron was Enoch from the bible and his twin brother Sandalphon was Elijah. It is said that Gabriel angered God and was cast down to Earth for a period of time, and I read somewhere that Michael was a walk-in for Jesus for the last couple years of his life. And Raphael’s twin flame is supposed to be Mother Mary, and we all know she was human at least once. I haven’t researched them all, but I believe that they all have been human at least once. This means they are no longer angels, but ascended masters. I have found one site that maintains:

The title “archangel” was given to those who became masters of their worlds “as Above, so below” and that of “archeia” to their feminine complements. In order to earn this office, many who are now archangels had to embody in human form, experiencing the same tests as the sons and daughters of God.

Again, this means they are no longer angels. We were all once angels, before we took on free will and became human. What makes these guys better than us? Oh boy, do I have a problem with this kind of arrogance! Who set them up as better than humans, and then even better than regular angels? I do not believe they are a higher order of angels, and I suspect them, and anyone who channels them.

Now, I have had interactions with 3 archangels…Michael, Gabriel and Metatron. I wasn’t impressed.

Back when I was a teenager, I was having a lot of trouble with demons…I had created a demon in a previous lifetime when I engaged in black magic. Really bad idea…both the black magic usage and the demon creation. 😦 Creating a demon does not mean you are badass…it means you’re fucking stupid!!!! I have spent 400 yrs bothered by the damn thing, and have only managed to get rid of it this lifetime. Please…stay away from demons, do not summon them, do not create them! In any case, one night when I was struggling with my demon, I called upon Michael for help…and he refused me! Angels cannot refuse to help you…they don’t have free will. They may not be able to help you, but they will at least stand by you and support you…not step aside and watch, like Michael did. Someone once pointed out that maybe it wasn’t Michael…but then, when someone channels Michael, maybe it’s not Michael then either. Same logic, which is why I have problems with channelers. But no…why wouldn’t Michael come if I specifically asked for his help? I have posted links in my Event Horizon posts to a blog that purports to be channeled by Michael…but the energy doesn’t feel like his, and the posts do resonate with truth. So I used them…not because they were coming from Michael, but because they contained a lot of truth.

Then there were my 3 dreams of Gabriel. They weren’t actually dreams so much as a memory from my time on the Other Side. I have gone into the Light numerous times, and this was one of them. In the first one, I was part of a group doing some sort of spiritual exercise, when this man shows up to watch. I asked someone who he was, and they said he was the angel Gabriel. He asked to join us, and I thought, why not? What was strange here is that I didn’t know who he was and had to look him up online, and the fact that I wasn’t impressed by the guy at all. Then in another a dream, he actually made a pass at me! It was very weird. I don’t think angels are sexual at all…that is a human, physical thing. It has made me leery of Gabriel.

Then finally, I had found an interesting crystal grid meditation that was given by Metatron…and I had never heard of this guy at all! Didn’t all the angels’ names end in “el” or “al”???? So I looked him up and found out that he was once Enoch…and that is what got me started down the path of questioning whether any of them were actually angels! I asked to meet with Metatron though…and what a got was this big guy with huge black wings and a huge ego to match! Again…not impressed. Angels are not full of ego…that is a human condition.

Metatron started my search for more occult information on the archangels, and I was lead to this fascinating article about why they are called “arch” angels…and since it comes from a favorite site of mine, I am inclined to believe them. In case you are not aware that the Dark forces prevalent on Earth are also called “archons”, let me briefly explain about the archons. Archon means ruler in Greek, and these beings think they should be rulers of this galaxy. I call them “ickyons”, for they do not deserve the title “archon”. They hijacked the human race 400,000 years ago, gave us reptilian brain stems, and turned us into slave labor. They feed on our negativity, and are the reason why this planet is so dense and dark. The archangels deal with the archons, and make deals for the human race. Sounds helpful right? But we are talking deals here…compromises and such. They may help us out in one aspect, but then the archons demand something else instead. It doesn’t sound ideal to me…and I would rather deal with real angels who have nothing to do with the damn archons! This article by goes into a lot more detail about how the archons and the archangels are related.

Now, some in the group that first posted this link believe that this is just alarmist propaganda, but it fits with my personal experience of the 3 guys I have encountered. I know this post has turned into a rant against the archangels…but I am worried at how the human race seem to think these guys are some sort of super angels. I think they have more hubris than the gods and goddesses!! I don’t believe that the gods ever called themselves that…it was a term that humans used for these advanced beings. But I think the archangels set themselves up as superior to angels as part of some plan with the archons. I no longer trust any of the archangels as a result, and do not call upon them at all. You will undoubtedly come across further rants against them in subsequent posts, so I will cross-reference this post so people can understand my antipathy.