This may be a new concept for some, but there are quite a few people running around who are not native to this planet. Their souls originate from somewhere else in the Universe. Right now, on this planet, there are a great number of starseeds who are here to help Mother Gaia with her ascension process. We are here to help humans ascend too, often by being wayshowers. Some of us have been here for a very long time, and are old souls, while others are new to the planet and are here specifically for the Ascension. We all share certain characteristics that point to our other worldly origins.

Of course, a sure sign that you are a starseed is that you actually remember your home world!

The picture above reminds me of my first view of this planet. Yes, I have full awareness of my otherworldly origins, and I have a distinct memory of looking out a porthole from space and seeing this tiny blue and green planet, with its wispy white cloud formations. The planet was much bluer, with plenty of green, when I first came here millions of years ago. I remember my excitement as I looked out…we were there to explore this strange new world. There were no humans at this point, and the vegetation was huge and lush. Yes, there were dinosaurs and huge beasts instead. This did not matter to us, since we didn’t have physical forms, so we were not in any danger from them. As a scientist, I was eager to explore the physical aspects of this rare type of planet. Let me assure you, blue green planets are rare in the universe…there is only a small region around any star where the water remains liquid and physical life can evolve. In most cases, the area is too small to support a planet or moon, or there just is nothing in that region. Humans are not finding life on other planets because we do not exist in the physical. Most planets’ atmosphere is anathemic to physical life. Most entities in the universe exist on the astral level or beyond.

Now, there are many sites that will help you decide which star system you come from, but I know that mine is not included. If you think you are from another world, do not be too quick to pick one from the ones listed on a site. I feel that the several that are usually listed are too narrow a focus. It may well be that there are many from those particular worlds, but there are starseeds from all over the universe represented here at this point in time! Always use discernment and trust your inner intuition to tell you whether something is true or not.

I come from a red planet that circles a blue dwarf sun. It has 3 moons…one very large one, and 2 twins that move in tandem to each other. The big moon has a different orbit than the little ones, and it gives off more light than the sun does. We are very far from our sun, and it appears as an overly bright star in the sky. Well, the biggest star in our sky. We view everything through a red haze…which are dust particles because our planet is barren rock. If humans were to visit, they would not find our cities…they do not exist on the physical plane. This is true for most planets…astronauts need to be psychics if they want to find the life that exists on other planets. There just isn’t that many that have physical life. Now, I do not know where my planet is exactly, but I do know that it is very far from here. I know this, because humans do not believe that the universe is old enough to have blue dwarf suns, since they have never found any evidence of one. Humans have very limited knowledge of the universe.

I first became aware of my starseed origins back in my early 20s (I’m in my 50s now) when I had a dream about my planet. It was one of those dreams that are so very vivid and realistic that it questions the reality you wake up to. In it, I am in a castle-like structure, and I am walking along the battlements. Although of course, they are not battlements, in that we are a peaceful people and the place I was walking along was more of a deck than anything. I remember looking out at the red sky, and wishing that there was more light. It is perpetual twilight on my planet, since the big moon is the brightest thing in the sky. I am crying in the dream, because the tomato plant I have is dying, and I know it is because there is not enough light for it. Looking back at this dream, I realize now this is a memory. I had brought back a tomato plant from Earth, and was trying to grow it on our home planet. I felt terrible remorse for dooming it to an unnatural death on a foreign world. I had hoped to be able to grow it with help from our technology, but there wasn’t much we could do, since it was a physical thing and we weren’t. We had tried to adapt our technology to replicate an environment for it, but we were not successful, and I was heartbroken.