I have a spirit guide who has the universe in his eyes…he is a short, small oriental man, with long white hair and a bald pate, with a long Fu Manchu type beard and mustache. He wears a nondescript robe…or rather, I have never really noticed it, since his eyes take center stage. He never speaks…he just stares at me with those eyes. No, he doesn’t look much like the guy above, but this was the closest to the Fu Manchu style I could find. His beard and mustache are much longer, and his robes are nothing like this. Much more simple, and his bald head is always bare. Much the same bearing though…enigmatic and calm.

The first time he appeared was back in the early 1980s, when I was at university. I was taking a class on The Psychology of Consciousness, and we were doing a class meditation exercise. I forget the gist of the exercise, but Mr. Universe Eyes showed up and stared at me. He did not speak, only stared at me. I had no idea what he wanted to tell me, or even if there was a message there. I think perhaps it was his way of popping in and saying hi. But he made a lasting impression, and I only encountered him one other time, when he did the exact same thing.

However, I recently met up with him again, and I was determined to figure out what he wanted. So I spoke to him, and he answered. Damn! Why didn’t I think to speak to him before? sigh Of course, he didn’t actually speak, but this time I got a download of information about who he was and where he came from. It turns out that he is from my home planet, and he is with me to remind me of home, and help me with my journey here on Earth. My God, was he excited when I realized who he was! Almost like…”she finally figured it out!” LOL

Addendum 10-20-16: Further meditation on Mr. Universe in His Eyes netted me his name and some new information on his role in my life. See my post here.