After my beloved pet cat Maya died last May, I started doubting my knowledge on what happens to an animal’s soul after death. This led me to a lot of other self-doubts on my esoteric knowledge base. I started to withdraw from my Facebook groups that were New Age based, for I no longer felt like I could speak with any authority on any subject. I’m still feeling that way to some extent, but this blog is more a journal for me, so I feel freer to make definitive statements about my beliefs.

What caused this sudden self-doubt? I watched a video by an animal communicator who said they could talk to deceased pets as well. This was all fine and good until she said that insects also exist on the Other Side. Whoa…wait a second. I know this is not true. Bugs are a group consciousness matrix that exists on Earth, in the physical plane. When they die, they are re-absorbed into Gaia’s consciousness. But…what about animals??? Suddenly, I was uncertain if animals were a part of Gaia’s consciousness too, and whether they indeed go to the Other Side like human souls do. Supposedly, when you die, you are greeted by your animal friends first, for they come running to greet you ahead of everyone else. I have heard that the humans/divine beings have to wade through all the animals to get to you when you first pass over!

But…I have gone into the light consciously numerous times, and I have never encountered any animals there. Sitting by the river or on a temple’s steps, I have never seen any animals. I did go to a grotto once where there were these gorgeous flowers in a color I have never seen before, and which I cannot describe to you, because there is no such color here. But I do not recall seeing birds in the sky, or fish in the water, or animals roaming around. I suppose it is encouraging that I saw the flowers, since they are an even lower form than animals are. I dunno.

Now, there are 7 main levels…the physical, the emotional, the intellectual, the astral, the etheric, the akashic and the ketheric. Technically, there are many more, but these are the main ones for humans. When you first go into the light, you will find yourself on the etheric level. The temples that exist there are portals to other levels and other areas. For instance, the Temple of Knowledge is on the Akashic level, and the Akashic Records are stored in the Hall of Records next door, which can be accessed from the Temple of Knowledge. Although I do not remember much of what happens inside the temples, I am certain there are no animals in them. Maybe animals don’t exist at those levels? Or maybe they just don’t use the temples, or need to use them? If I spend a lot of time inside the temples, on other planes of existence, will I not encounter animals at all? Will my pets wind up existing on the Other Side on a level that I will not wind up frequenting because it’s a “lower” level for me? This idea really bothers me.

I have read stories of near-death experiences where people have encountered their pets on the Other Side. The pet will show them their “homes”, and where they are staying. It sounds like the reality that humans create on the Etheric level.

Although I know the Etheric plane can still have forms, and that some humans choose to maintain an Earth-like existence there, complete with houses and things, once you go to the higher levels, there are no forms. Ultimately we all are striving to become one with God again, but in the meantime, do animals become one with Gaia first? After all, they are a part of “Mother Nature”, like the insects are. What does that mean for the afterlife? I don’t intend on maintaining a home on the Etheric level so my pets can come and visit…I plan on using the temples and go to other levels and dimensions. Can my pets come with me??? Or do they remain at their own levels? And what level is that exactly? This saddens me tremendously…I guess I am selfish and want to have my pets be a part of my after-life too.

Even looking up a picture of the Rainbow Bridge for this post had me crying. A corollary to this fear of mine is what about the reincarnation aspect? Going over a bridge or into a tunnel will lead you right back into the reincarnation cycle…you do not go into a tunnel to get to the Other Side! Just look for the Light, and it will gently draw you in, and it’s more like passing through a curtain. But I know that animals reincarnate…and this idea sucks too.

I now believe that reincarnation is a trap that the Dark Entities use to keep recycling us into this dense physical reality where they can feed on us. They convince us that we were bad people and have to pay for our sins (karma) and trick us into coming back over and over. Do they trick the animals too? There are many people who do terrible things to animals, and many animals lead terrible lives. They seem to be stuck in this negative Matrix too. There’s a part of me that hopes that my pets will not reincarnate again, and then will I never see them again, not even on the Other Side? If they stay at whatever level they are meant to exist at, and that’s a different level than humans, then what happens when I cross over and get to the Other Side? Not just in the beginning, when everyone’s greeting you, but long-term?