Yes, I am a conspiracy theorist. I think too much is not told to us by our government and scientists. Anyway, there’s all kinds of info out there, thanks to the internet. I think it’s getting harder to hide the truth, and even if the picture above is doctored, there is testimony out there of aliens on the moon that resonates as truth to me. Here is my entry from 4am this morning. Note that I call the dark entities from the Matrix that keeps us all indentured “ickyons”, for I refuse to acknowledge their own title of Archon. It is my way of thumbing my nose at them and lessening their power!

Occult Codex Entry 7-19-16

It follows that if there are aliens on the moon who are hiding out on the far side, what are they doing there? It was suggested by Ingo Swann that they were mining the moon. But then the moon craters are too shallow to be indicative of real asteroid hits, so maybe they serve another function? Maybe they are some kind of burrow that houses waystations? What would be the purpose of waystations? Why are there aliens stationed on the moon? Are they perhaps part of the Matrix? Are they ickyons?

Ingo Swann saw men much like us on the moon, doing the mining. Perhaps these are humans who are being used as slave labor on the moon? I read that they were all naked, so there was no mistaking their form. I can’t see other aliens, of a different species, shapeshifting to look like us sehn they have no need to fool us. But perhaps there are other aliens who control the ones doing the mining, and they live inside the moon? Craters as doorways to the interior???? But that would negate the mining aspect, so they must be here for some other reason.

I was reading on that we need to dismantle the moon in order to dismantle the Matrix. There is even a “call” to disable the moon set up on In5D! If the ickyons and reptilians are hiding on the moon and using it as a base for their operations to keep humans  enslaved, then it would support the idea that the moon is an artificial satellite. Perhaps a vehicle even?

In any case, I do believe there are aliens on the moon, that they told us to stay away, and since they are hiding out on the dark hidden side, they cannot be up to any good. Although a thought whispered through my mind just now…perhaps they are hidden so they don’t alarm us. Perhaps they are watching us and this amazing, rare ascension process that is going on. The moon would make a great seat for watching the events unfold.

There is a part of me that prefers this benevolent aliens idea, that says that if they wanted to harm us they would have by now. Except…aliens did!!! Can we say the Annunaki??? Can we say the hijacking of the human race 400,000 years ago and turned into a slave race??? But the Annunaki didn’t hide from us – they were considered gods. Where did they go? Perhaps the initial envoy went home, after setting up a base on the moon????