Well…I found some new information on the moon, and that there is a time when the moon didn’t exist in our sky.

It seems that the Arcadians existed before the moon (Giordano Bruno (a 16th century Italian philosopher) De Immenso: Bk IV, x, pp. 56-57) and “Theodorus writes in his first book that the moon had appeared a little while before the war which was fought by Hercules against the giants.  Aristochius and Dionysius Chalcidensis, in the first of their works, confirm the same.”  “Mnaseas said that the Arcadians were born before the moon, and so they were called ‘proselenian’; meaning, ‘before the moon’.” Ovid claimed that the Arcadians possessed their land before the birth of Jove, and were older than the Moon.

There are numerous ancient writers who spoke of times before there was a moon, including Plutarch, Hippolytus, Censorinus, Lucian, Democritus, Anaxagoras, Aristotle and Apollonius of Rhodes.  There are even Biblical references (Job 25:5 and Psalm 72:5) which can be interpreted to allude to a Moonless Earth. And there are oral traditions of such Indians as those of the Bogota highlands in the eastern Cordilleras of Columbia. This information comes from this site.

This site also queries whether the moon was brought by the Annunaki!!! Which was my exact thought just prior to reading the entry! I have also postulated in another post that perhaps the Annunaki retreated from Earth and set up a waystation on the moon ie. the gods went home, but set up a colony on the moon to watch over us. Could they have brought the moon for just that purpose?

Thus, it does seem that the moon didn’t always exist in our skies. This seems to support an artificial satellite theory, although an alien species could have dragged a rock into place so they could set up a waystation. Man, does it all get confusing! I gotta do a meditation to see if the moon has a soul, making it a (somewhat) legitimate satellite of natural origin. But I don’t trust the Annunaki, those Sumerian gods, and believe they are really the ickyons (archons-the Dark).