Occult Codex Entry 5-8-16

If the moon is actually an artificial, alien satellite, then does it have a soul consciousness like Gaia? If it is a hollow alien craft of some sort, should we even be “worshipping” it??? I no longer feel comfortable doing rituals for the different cycles of the moon – who are we really “praying” to???

Ingo Swann, the remote viewer, travelled to the dark side of the moon and found aliens mining it! This seems to negate the artificial, hollow moon theory, although what do we know about alien technologies that can perhaps “seed” an artificial satellite?

Who is the man in the moon? Who is Luna?

I find myself very confused about the moon and the pagan rituals surrounding it. I am still doing up a small moon altar at the full moon and new moon, but not anything ritualistic, not even my affirmations. Although I stopped doing the affirmations after Maya died last May 8th. But…having a specific time to do up affirmations is probably a good thing. Should I still do them at full moon and new moon? I wonder if it matters? I do not wish to give any power to any dark entities/energies that may be using the moon to gather energy from unsuspecting humans. I am still pondering this…

to explain who Maya is…she was my beloved cat who died suddenly. It left a strange void in my soul, and I stopped doing both my affirmations and my writing in my Occult Codex after her death. My heart just wasn’t in it any longer, and it’s taken me a long time to get back into things.