I have always had problems during the full moon, usually feeling rather restless and having a hard time sleeping. About a year ago, I began doing a full moon and new moon ritual, setting up a small altar for each for the 2 or 3 days of each cycle. Nothing too elaborate, just a little ritual to call down the moon and ask for help with the affirmations I would write down in a journal for that purpose.

After reading about the moon being an artificial satellite, I started questioning what to do about these full moon and new moon rituals. I had found that they seemed to help me be in better sync with the cycles, but now I question why.

I believe that the Earth has an Oversoul called Gaia. She is a living being, with the planet being her body. I believe the sun has an Oversoul called Sol and that all the planets and stars have souls too. Now, these souls are different than ours of course…they would be more like angels. There doesn’t seem to be a rank for them, although that is a human based concept. I believe in elementals as a sub-order of angels too. It is Gaia who is ascending, and taking everything on her along for the ride. So the animal, plant and rock kingdoms are ascending too. Everything is moving into a higher frequency/dimension.

If the moon is a legitimate satellite, then it should have a corresponding soul too. Right? I know that paganism has christened her Luna, Artemis, etc, etc. But what if the moon is an artificial satellite and barren (ie. no soul)? If it was put in place before humans were created, then we might have just assumed that it has a soul too. I have read that there are rocks on the moon that are older than the earth, which suggests it was brought here and placed in our sky. To what end? That’s another post though! LOL I guess I need to check-in to see if the Moon has a soul or not.

I guess my whole problem is that I found the little ritual thing I used to do to be beneficial, but I don’t know whether it is wise to call attention to myself by invoking the moon. If there are beings on it, do they hear our prayers and supplications to the moon? Maybe even feed on them? Georges Gurdjieff, the founder of the Fourth Way, claimed that we  are “food for the moon.” What he meant is open to interpretation.

I think I have been reading too much about all this! sigh

I am feeling like I shouldn’t draw the attention of whatever is on the moon, but with this full moon, and the way my life isn’t going so well since I stopped my moon affirmations, I am conflicted. I am thinking that maybe it has more to do with the setting of affirmations than with the moon. It was just a convenient way to remember to do them. Paganism claims that the full moon is a time to make affirmations on things you want to decrease in your life, and the new moon is a time for affirmations on things you want to increase in your life. I suppose I could still use my little altar set-up (since I’ve already made the items, like my cute little crocheted white and black cats with the moon on their foreheads), but use at as the basis for my affirmation writing instead. Hmmm…I should probably tweak my altar set-up…