Last December, I was invited to participate in this Full Moon Reiki Attunement sponsored by one of my Facebook groups. It was my first time using the messaging system on FB to participate in a group chat like that. We had to sign in and everything. The person who was to be leading the exercise did most of the talking, although it wound up being something of a farce, since one of the moderators decided to butt in constantly, aggravating the guest speaker. Being an empath, not only could I pick up on her aggravation, making me wonder if my aggravation was really hers or mine, but I could pick up on his loud, aggressive energy too. Totally ruined the whole experience for me. It also didn’t help that the exercise had been misrepresented…I thought it was a healing exercise, not an initiation into Reiki. I was shocked that they now considered me to be a Level 1 Reiki practictioner…nothing about that experience makes me feel competent to use that title! Total farce! sigh

Here is my Occult Codex entry for it.


  1. clean crystals
  2. light candles/incense/smudge
  3. make sure music is on
  4. stay silent during and after Opening Prayer
  5. enjoy Reiki attunement
  6. enjoy crystal ceremony
  7. learn cho ku rei symbol for charging crystals

-terribly ineffectual meditation – Jesse Jesse disrupted the meeting, could feel Gwen’s irritation and mine got out of control too. I did NOT realize that we were supposed to be initiated into the 1st level of Reiki – I thought attunement meant a type of healing or I would not have joined up. I have no desire to learn Reiki.

This was a FAIL for me in every way. Very disappointing.

Well, that makes my failed attempt to join my friend’s Reiki class unsurprising. LOL I hadn’t realized I made that statement of my lack of desire to learn Reiki here. But someone offered to help me learn it over a year ago, and I told her no too. It was more a function of that person though.

But this all makes me wonder…if I don’t feel like learning about Reiki, why does it seem to keep coming up for me????