I just noticed that the feral black cat I’ve been taking care of for the last couple of years has a weeping left eye. Why is this significant? Because mine has been doing this for a couple of months now. And because my black cat has been having a weeping left eye for a few days now, and my orange kitty has black gunk in the corner of his left eye for at least a week now. What the hell is this about?

At first, I figured we all had an allergic reaction to something in the house. But the feral cat lives outside. Still, I’ve been cleaning up the dust from obscure areas to help, and trying to open the windows a bit more (it’s been really hot and humid though). I assumed that the air inside wasn’t being properly circulated because the central air has been on and it’s been too hot and humid to open the windows. I am certain there is mold up in the ceilings because there is a roof leak between the living room and my bedroom. Has been there since I moved in. The landlord keeps trying to fix it, but we don’t understand how the rain is coming in…it’s only when the winds come from the east. Anyway…I smudge and use incense to condition the air to try to eradicate the bad effects of said mold.

Except…we have had a very dry spring and summer so far, so much so that we have drought conditions! So mold probably isn’t much of an issue right now. It has been a very bad allergy season though as a result, and my allergies have been consistently bad for months now. bleah I don’t use pharma drugs for it though…I use lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon essential oils to deal with my allergies. Mostly, this works well. Except my left eye has been really bad for being itchy and watering. Since I use a diffuser, it should work for my kitties too.

This makes me wonder what is actually going on with all of us having problems with our left eye. Is it an ascension thing? Animals are going through the ascension process too. We did just go through the final Wave X event horizon just a few weeks ago after all. And I know that all physical problems originate at some other soul level. So…what does a problem with the eyes mean?

I do know that the eyes are part of the third eye chakra system. But I believe my third eye chakra is good…it is one of the ones that I never seem to have a problem with. The left side of the body deals with emotions and the more subjective part of our minds. It is ruled by the right side of the brain, which I doubt is significant. Emotions and subjectivity…seems more relevant, at least for me. For the cats too? Maybe…the black feral cat is probably confused and upset because I won’t let him in any more…I did all winter, but now that my cats got fleas, I know it’s his fault. Poor baby…I don’t mean to take it out on him, but I can’t afford to let him in and reinfect my home and furbabies with fleas or even ticks. *shudder*

My 2 kitties might be having emotional issues because I have been working at discouraging the big strong ragdoll (Anakin) from kneading on the black one (Nefari) and removing all his fur! The black one has a bare, pink tummy from all the kneading! And blood in his feces…which I worry is from the over-vigorous kneading my strong, 20lb ragdoll exerts on the stomach. He can push me off the bed even! sigh But they love each other and I know that Anakin was taken from his mother too early, so the kneading is a holdover, pacifying thing for him. But Nefari has the weeping eye, not Anakin. Does he misinterpret my pushing Anakin away as a denial of love or something? Ick…I don’t want my furbabies to be sick and unhappy.

What is the point of this post? I guess I was hoping that writing it down would lead to some enlightenment on the subject. So far, not so much. bleah