Wow…I went looking for a graphic for this post, and are there ever a lot of different ideas of which new chakras are coming into play with this ascension process! It seems everyone agrees there is a new 12 chakra system coming online, but there is a lot of dissension on which ones. I do know that the Earth Star Chakra is one of them, which makes sense, since it is Gaia that is ultimately ascending. The chart above does not include the Earth Star, but includes a male and female…which I totally disagree with! Then there is a Soul Star one too, but I don’t think it’s relevant to us yet.

Let’s start at the beginning…here is a chart of the main 7 chakras


And here’s one including the lower 7, which I have recently spoken of here. This chart include an Oversoul chakra, which I guess corresponds to the Soul Star. It seems everybody has different names for the new ones too. Very confusing.


Now here are 2 new 12 chakra charts that have different names…


Now those didn’t even include the ones I’ve mostly been reading about…the ones internal to our bodies. This following one does, but it’s a 13 chakra system and doesn’t include the Earth Star. sigh


I even have a chart for a 22 chakra system, which exists at other dimensions! But I’m already on information overload, so we aren’t even going there! LOL

While all this is very confusing, I have been aware of this problem since I first learned of the new 12 chakra system. I feel the best bet is to go inside and find this out for ourselves. Which I did, meditating on both my own chakra system, and checking the akashic records for more info.

It is my belief that the 12 chakra system that is coming into play with the Ascension is one where the 5 new chakras are the following:

  • 12-18 inches below the feet, an Earth Star Chakra, anchoring us to Mother Gaia.
  • between the Solar Plexus and the Heart is the Diaphragm Chakra.
  • between the Heart and the Throat is the Thymus Chakra, or the Higher Heart.
  • at the back of the neck is the Well of Dreams or Zeal Chakra
  • in the middle of the head is the Pineal Chakra (the Pituitary Chakra above is the Third Eye Chakra)

Again, I think the Galactic Male and Galactic Female is BS. I do not believe at the higher levels (where they supposedly are) that there is this kind of dichotomy. Male and Female are only relevant on the physical plane. When God created souls, we were neither…it was only upon coming into the physical it became necessary to split into the 2 polarities, because that is the nature of this planet. I believe that androgyny is a state we are all destined to return to….a joining of twin souls. A balancing and integration of our divine feminine and masculine…not a further division!

Now something interesting I have recently read, is that the heart chakra has split into the Higher and Lower Heart (ie. the Thymus is the Higher Heart and the regular Heart Chakra is the Lower Heart). Also, the Third Eye Chakra has split into a Higher and Lower octave…the Pituitary Chakra is the lower, and the Pineal is the higher. By higher and lower, I’m referring to frequencies…the Pineal Chakra is a higher octave of the Pituitary and the Thymus is a higher frequency of the Heart. This resonates as Truth for me.

The above 13 chakra chart is the most accurate according to my personal experience and knowledge…it’s just missing the Earth Star, and includes the stupid Galactic male & female ones. Meditating on these new chakras, I have determined that the relevant ones (not the only ones…I do think many of the other ones indicated in some of the other charts are real, just not relevant at this point in time) are the ones that exist in our physical body. Just like the original 7 are. With the Earth Star being the exception, but necessary to link us to Gaia who is actually doing the ascending.

How I know this is because of some meditations/visions  and personal experiences I have had…I could feel the Earth Star one when I have done meditations to send Light to Gaia to help her with the Ascension process. I have felt the energy pass through the Earth Star chakra, before I even knew there was such a thing. The Light I would draw down through my Crown chakra coalesced at a point below my feet before it radiated out to Gaia. I didn’t know that was because there was a chakra there though. So it makes sense to me that the Earth Star Chakra exists.

Several years ago, I was having a terrible time with what I thought was acid reflux…but it was much higher up, in the middle of my chest. A couple of times the pain was so intense that I was worried about having a heart attack, and even called the ambulance, only to be told my heart was fine. The hospital also assumed it was acid reflux (which is why I thought it was that to be honest), despite that it was up too high. Antacids and Enos never worked to alleviate the pain and sense of fullness though, so I would tap on my upper chest, which seemed to soothe the pain and nausea. I have since read that this is what you should do to help the Thymus Chakra. I was unconsciously doing the right thing to help out the Thymus!

Then a few years ago, a couple years after the thymus problem died down, I started having problems with my gallbladder. I had pain just under the breastbone, which I attributed to stomach problems. But it was higher than the stomach, and I wound up with a gallstone in my bile duct! I had my gallbladder removed, and am regretting it ever since! I believe that it is interfering with my Diaphragm Chakra, for I still am having problems with eating solid food, and a lot of nausea. There have been too many times when I can’t eat solid food, and subsist on the food supplement Boost. I need to do more research on the Diaphragm chakra, but info on these new chakras is sparse and conflicting. 😦

I am not sure when the problems with my neck started, but it’s been many years now. It feels like my neck is compressed, that my ears are too close to my shoulders. Part of it is tension from my TMJ – temporomandibular joint syndrome (I have a dislocated jaw thanks to the oral surgeon who removed my wisdom teeth), but I had always felt like it was something more too. Enter the Well of Dreams Chakra. Since I have started using black tourmaline on that chakra, this sensation and a lot of the tension has gone away. I got the idea to use black tourmaline on it from this article, which calls it the 4 1/2 chakra or Alta Major chakra. But the information is excellent, and I found it very helpful.

The Pineal Chakra was even more subtle…I would meditate on the Third Eye and I would get this sense of fullness, and a sensation of wanting to push out. I originally thought that maybe it was linked to astral projection, but going with that push never resulted in an astral projection. So I figured it was something else. Then lately I have noticed that I get the whole Pineal and Pituitary thing mixed up in my mind…which makes me believe that they are related and even different frequencies of each other. I’m thinking I should meditate on the Third Eye and try taking the pushing inward, as opposed to outward. But we are hearing a lot about how fluoride is so bad for our pineal gland, so I know that this particular Chakra has become more entrenched in the superconsciousness of humans than we all are aware consciously.

The Galactic Male and Female doesn’t feel real to me…I do not sense energy at those points at all. I don’t know why people are saying they exist, unless it is some ruse by the Matrix to confuse us. Which totally wouldn’t surprise me. Same with some of these other ones…I think the Dark entities are just trying to confuse the issue and keep people from connecting with the real ones. But they are real, and plenty of people are increasingly sensing them. We just don’t know what’s going on, and there is dissimulation going on by the ickyons to keep this ascension process from happening. I do believe they have succeeded to some extent…I have always felt that the reason that everyone thought the world was going to end in the year 2000 was because the Ascension was supposed to happen then. We’re 16 years in, and we’re only now in full fledged Ascension mode, thanks to the three Wave X gamma pulses. They could only delay, not stop, this process. Yay!

I don’t know if I’ve cleared things up or not, but I know I feel certain of what the new chakra system is. However, like all esoteric things, it is best to use your own discernment and intuition to find out what is Truth.