Geez…am I ever having a hard time trying to meditate and find out more about the truth of what the moon is! I’ve already outlined how I’ve been reading that the moon isn’t a natural satellite of Earth, and that there was a time when the moon didn’t exist in our heavens. So, my quest is to find out what it really is. Was it a rock dragged here by the Annunaki so they could have a base to watch their little creations from? Is it a spaceship of some organic source? Does it have a soul like the Earth and the Sun? I find that the moon does have an effect on me, making me feel antsy during the full moon and making it hard to sleep. Even last night, a couple of nights after the full moon, I can still feel it up there.

Since I could “feel” it last night, and it was a relatively clear sky for viewing it, I decided to go outside to investigate this “feeling”. I have a perfect view of its rising just over the apartment building across the street. So, I went to sit outside to meditate on the moon. This was around midnight, so there was no traffic or anyone around. As I’m sitting there, along comes the sweet little feral cat momma and her 2 babies. She comes up to me and wants to be petted. The babies are leery of me, and full of hyperactive energy. I explain to her about sitting here meditating, and she walks down the steps to lay on the sidewalk and roll over to have her belly rubbed. sigh. I am always hard-pressed to resist a belly rub. LOL As an empath, I can feel her desire to have her belly rubbed, even though I am trying to ignore her. Between her and the hyperactive babies running around, I cannot feel anything else – certainly not the moon! Shielding doesn’t work in this case, because the whole purpose of my meditation was to open myself up to the moon’s energies. After a little bit, I realized it was fruitless and went back inside after giving them some fresh, icy water (it was still incredibly humid and warm…and they’re all black!).

Now this morning, I was reading The Wandering Woman Wondering blog about her spirit animal guides, and how Barn Owl is her fylgja/fetch who helps her with her astral journeying. He not only helps guide her, he also protects her and brings her information. This post explains her process, which I am thinking may be a good idea to help me with my moon investigation. Thank you Wandering Woman for some very helpful information! 🙂 I also found other links based on her info, and while investigating fylgja’s and hamrammr’s.

So, after reading all this stuff, I felt ready to try a little meditation, focusing on a journey to the moon astrally. I lay back down on my bed, and composed myself. I focused on my breathing, and relaxing my body. Then my shoulder started to hurt. My bug bite got itchy. Damn! I hate when that happens! I had the urge to curl up in a ball on my side, which has become my habitual way to sleep. I thought about why this is…it seems more like a drawing in of my energy. Why did this feel more right than an expansive going out of my soul? Whatever…I decided to go with it.

I realized that I feel more protected in that position, and I realized that sending my astral form to the moon made me feel like I might be setting myself up to be observed by any entities that are on the moon. And I am certain there are beings up there, observing the Earth, for whatever reasons. I recalled Ingo Swann’s own fear that they had noticed him when he remote viewed them, and worried that they would come after him. I know we shouldn’t let fear rule us, but sometimes, it’s prudent when you’re dealing with the Dark.

I wasn’t going to let fear rule though…I think the fear came up because it was cautioning me to be careful. Which is why I think I was reading about the fylgja. So I decided to focus on an animal spirit guide to help me. I thought about my own animal spirit guides, a yellow canary and a scarlet macaw, wondering if they would do. The scarlet macaw is not a good choice to go to the moon…too bright, too loud, too out of place! So…I was thinking more about Jaune Juan, my canary guide. His name is a play on Don Juan, and he’s a cute little fellow who walks with my joy child. Suddenly I had an image of him flying to Chango, and they buddied up. LOL Chango smiled at me with Jaune Juan on his finger, and offered to go with me on this journey. He has a very expansive energy too, and I’m not convinced he was the right person to travel astrally to the moon with. Maybe I’m wrong…I’ll have to try again since this time didn’t pan out.

Since Chango didn’t seem like the proper choice because he’s not unobtrusive, Oya popped up to offer her dragonfly for the voyage. Yes! A dragonfly seemed like a much better vehicle for observing unnoticed anything going on in the moon.

Then…my cat started banging his food dish around because he wanted to be fed. The girl upstairs started with her clomping around and banging doors. A big truck outside rumbled past (the walls of my apt are waayyy too thin!)…okay! This meditation wasn’t going anywhere either! Maybe 10 in the morning isn’t a good time to try to meditate? bleah The cat started with his meowing to get my attention again, so I got up to feed them all (I have 3). And now here I am writing about this instead of getting anywhere with my moon investigation. I’ve asked for information from my angels/guides/akashic records to come to me in a dream or vision…nothing yet. What does this mean?

I guess I’m not ready yet. Do I need to make friends with Dragonfly maybe? I’m going to wait for a sign on that one. But I do wish to thank both Oya and Chango for their help.