Chango was the first Orisha to appear in my dreams. My Pinterest album where I’ve documented info on him showed him to mostly be a warrior type god, the god of thunder and fire. But he is also associated with the bata drums and dance, and he’s a ladies man. This gentler side of him is the Chango that I have come to know. He has given me warm hugs in my dreams, and he is always charming and sweet. At least to me. LOL

Initially, he appeared as white men, and when I asked him why, he kinda shrugged and said he felt it would be easier for me, as a white woman, to relate to him. I explained to him that I’m not at all prejudiced, and in my mind’s eye, I see him as black. I know that he is an African deity, and I’m totally okay with him being black. Then he appeared as Shemar Moore! LOL A good representation, when I think about it. I definitely think Shemar Moore, especially as his Derek Morgan (Criminal Minds) character, is a child of Chango. He seems to embody Chango’s characteristics, being both flirty and charming, and serious and determined to see justice.

So now he’s appearing to me in the Derek Morgan form when I have visions of him. I think he wants to distance himself from his visage when he was the African king centuries ago. The stories from that lifetime aren’t very complimentary, and he was once accused of raping a young virgin because she was a challenge. That didn’t sit well with me, since I myself am a victim of rape. He assured me that was a long time ago, and he is no longer that person. Hence, the Derek Morgan persona. I think Shemar Moore is gorgeous, and the Derek Morgan character is very appealing. So I guess Chango figures it’s a good “fit” for me. LOL