The next Orisha to appear in my dreams was Oya. Oya is the goddess of the wind, of thunder, of the cemetery. She is the wife of Chango. One of his wives…one he stole from his brother Ogun. Some say she is Oshun’s sister, who is Chango’s other wife. It’s quite the love triangle! As I mentioned before…Chango is a ladies man! LOL Here is my Pinterest album on her for more information. The above picture looks the most like the woman in my dream. This has the energy I get from my dealings with Oya.

But Oya is a warrior goddess too, and her whip and machete are major symbols for her. My first dream of her, she was very fierce and warned me away from Papa Legba. I had already had a falling out with Papa Legba, and she seemed kinda…protective. I think perhaps I am a daughter of Oya. She resonates with the sign of Scorpio, and I am a Scorpio. The characteristics ascribed to her are very much like my own. She has been sending me dragonflies and fireflies, which are her creatures. I had never seen a real dragonfly before, and seeing fireflies was a rarity. I’ve only seen 2 dragonflies, but the fireflies are cropping up quite a bit. She also offered me a dragonfly to help with my astral investigation of the moon. I think perhaps the dragonfly is about to become a new Spirit Guide. (Yup, she is a new animal guide! I just call her Dragonfly, because she is archetypal elemental energy…see my post here.)

I have been appealing to Oya to help it rain here…we are in a drought situation, and although it keeps getting cloudy and dark and heavy with the threat of rain, it just isn’t raining! The weather forecasters keep saying there’s a chance of thunderstorms, which is right up her alley. It has rained, briefly, a couple of times when I’ve prayed to her for help, but damn! The rain and storms just aren’t materializing! It’s very disturbing for me, for I am an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) who can “feel” the rain. I have always been able to predict when it’s going to rain, but lately, it’s not happening. I can feel the rain, and the storms, but they aren’t happening…and it’s making me feel crazy! There is something definitely wrong with the planet and its weather! I don’t think Oya, or any of the gods/goddesses can do anything about this though. It’s much bigger than any of them.