Lightworkers are quite simply, souls that can work with the Light. There are a bunch of other New Age definitions, including tests to see if you are one. For instance, Doreen Virtue asserts

Lightworkers are those who volunteered, before birth, to help the planet and its population heal from the effects of fear. Each lightworker is here for a sacred purpose. Very often, however, life on earth with its material focus creates a form of amnesia in lightworkers.

Okay, this explains why we are here in great numbers. We are working to help with the Ascension process. By channeling more Light into the planet, we can help raise the vibrations for us all. This site also elucidates that

They will have their own “stuff” to work on in addition to their soul agreement to serve globally as a carrier or channeler of light.

Yes…carrier and channeler of Light. I learned to channel Light very early in my life, and have experimented with other colors beside White Light. I was just a teen when I learned to use White Light to protect myself from the Dark, which included my personal demon. White Light is very effective against the Dark, for all that really exists is the Light. Darkness is merely the absence of Light. But it still must define itself in relation to Light. And the best way I have found to look at the Dark is to think of it as what is what is actually there if you shine a light into the darkness. I can direct the Light like a flashlight, illuminating the Dark so that it is brought into the Light and made whole. This is how you eliminate demons. You don’t exorcise them and send them back to Hell, you transform them back into Light and send the energy to the Other Side! Where it rightly belongs.

Anyway, at some point in my 30s I discovered that you could use different colors of Light to do different things. Blue light calms people down, and is great for stopping barking dogs and crying babies. Pink can work for this purpose too, and I usually mix in some pink Light with the blue when dealing with barking dogs. Dogs usually bark because they are lonely, and the pink helps them feel loved and comforted. Babies cry for different reasons, but if I sense that it’s because they are feeling overwhelmed, then I add in the pink too. The blue is great for angry people too.

I first discovered how great blue Light works with angry people on the bus one day. It was later in the day, and the high school kids were all on the bus, leaving no seats available. I had gotten on early enough that I had a seat up front, second from the door. The old lady who was sitting next to me got off, and another, crotchety old woman came on. She was bitching and complaining as she was coming up the steps! Such angry energy! I prayed she wouldn’t sit next to me, but of course it was the only available seat. sigh I wasn’t in the mood to listen to bitching, so I threw some blue light around her. Surprisingly, she shut right up! Then she turned to me and started talking to me, very pleasantly actually. We talked until my stop came up. I was shocked at how effective that blue Light had been, but from then on, I started using it all the time. My father is a very angry person, and the woman who was my boss was a very angry person…it was a great way to help them calm down!

Ultraviolet Light is the other color I use a lot, because it makes things “invisible”. By invisible I mean not noticeable. If you look at something that is shielded by ultraviolet, your eye will just gloss over and not notice the item. I first used this to protect my parents’ home when my father got on the bad side of a road rage idiot. Well, my father is a road rage idiot too, but he encountered an even bigger one who decided to cause problems for my father. He even went so far as to burn down our shed! So I put up ultraviolet shields around the property, and we didn’t have a single more incident…no more breaking into the garage and stealing stuff, no more leaving garbage in the backyard, etc. What a relief, for my father had become overly paranoid about it all, installing all kinds of alarms and motion sensing lights.

I also discovered that ultraviolet Light can protect you from negative energy too. I used to work with a woman who had a horrible temper. She was the scheduler for our plant, and decided what machines ran which parts to meet our suppliers’ demands. The machines and molds were all old, and constantly breaking down. And she would go into these godawful rants, swearing a blue streak and yelling at the top of her lungs. I literally felt like crawling under my desk to protect myself from all that angry energy swirling around our tiny office! Whenever I noticed the tech guys drawing lots to see who would tell Pattie that something was wrong, I made sure to leave the office. When Pattie had a bad day at the office, I went home with a bad headache and severe nausea. Ah…being an empath is so much fun! Not! This is before I knew about shielding and grounding, at least as far as protection from other people’s energy. I was getting desperate for help with this situation, so I asked my guardian angel, and she told me to use ultraviolet light. I discovered that ultraviolet light will block other people’s energy. If you put ultraviolet around yourself and the feeling goes away, then it is someone else’s energy. If the feeling intensifies, it’s your energy. A very useful thing to know.

Now green Light is supposed to be healing energy,  but there is a caveat with using it. It should not be used in situations like colds, flus, and cancer. Green is nourishing, and you do not want to nourish bacteria, viruses and mutated cells. So I do not use green Light much. If I send healing energy, I send white. White has all the colors in it, and the body can draw whatever color it needs from it. If there’s inflammation, I use blue instead.

I find I do not use the warm colors at all, mostly because I feel they are too active. Red definitely has a tendency to lead to angry states, and I don’t believe I have ever used yellow or orange. Which may be something I should try, since yellow is the color of happiness and orange is the color of joy. Hmmm….maybe they would help with my depression. I’ve stayed away from them because I suffer from anxiety too, but there are plenty of times when I am almost catatonic with the depression. Except the depression hinders my psychic abilities. bleah.

Lately, there has been New Age talk of the Violet Ray and Diamond Rays and Crystal Rays of Light. I haven’t dabbled with these ones yet either. I have done a couple of guided meditations on the Violet Ray and the Crystalline Ray, but I was not impressed with the results. There is also gold energy, but again, I haven’t explored any of these ones, so I don’t have much to say on them from a personal perspective. You can look them up online though, if you are interested.

And here is a link to a site that describes the 8 characteristics of Lightworkers, in case you’re wondering if you are a Lightworker too. The thing I find surprising in many of the articles and sites about Lightworkers is the lack of the emphasis on working with the Light. We work with the Light to eliminate darkness. I found some of those characteristics didn’t apply to me, but then, I believe the ability to work with the Light is the most qualifying characteristic.