I decided that remote viewing of the moon was a better choice than travelling astrally there. It is a more cautious approach, since remote viewing is more like sending a drone out somewhere instead of your soul. Only the mind views what’s happening, not the whole of your soul. Wikipedia defines it as:

Remote viewing (RV) is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target using subjective means, in particular, extrasensory perception (ESP) or “sensing with mind”.

Okay, call me overly cautious, but I am convinced that there is something on the moon, independent of the issue of whether it is a legitimate celestial body. If the Matrix of ickyons and reptilians are there, I don’t want them to become aware of me. I once read a manuscript by Ingo Swann, one of the government’s top remote viewers, who made a journey to the moon back in the mid 1970s and found aliens on the moon. What is significant is that Swann was only ever given geographical coordinates to go to, never told where it was. He didn’t initially know he was on the moon, but later he feared that the aliens would come after him too. Of course I can’t find that manuscript online now, but here is an article outlining it.

So last night at bedtime, I settled down to meditate. I lit some sandalwood incense to help with protection, and listened to my nighttime playlist that has a bunch of chanting and negativity clearing music on it. I did my deep breathing exercises and cleared my mind.

First up was Chango, sans Jaune Juan, raring to go with me to the moon. LOL His exuberance was kinda cute actually. LOL Oya showed up too, so here I had 2 warrior gods ready to go with me. However…as I explained to Chango, this was simply a reconnaissance mission, not some sort of sortie! I wasn’t going there to cause any trouble, I just wanted a peek. So I decided against taking them with me. I did ask Chango if he knew what was going on with the Moon, seeing as he’s a divine being and should have access to such knowledge. However, he was once human too, so he has the same problem as the rest of us humans…being bound to the damn ickyons. The Orishas seem to be more elemental energy though, and like the archangels, have decided to stay with us to help us. Chango has never bothered with the moon because he’s had his own followers to worry over. But the idea of the Dark riled him up, so he wanted to help.

I did decide to use Dragonfly though, piggybacking on her to help disguise myself. Dragonfly, with her gossamer wings, should blend into the rocks and background well, I thought. I set up some shields for protection…my usual white light egg covered by an ultraviolet one. Ultraviolet light has the ability to make things “invisible”. I will explain this more in another post.

Well…I fell asleep. Figures. Although I do know that whenever you go deeply into a meditation, it is much like sleep. I do not remember anything during this time though.

I did wake up during the night however, so being in that hypnagogic state, I decided to try again, hopefully with more conscious awareness this time. I called on Dragonfly again, and we were off. She alighted on a rock and looked out over a barren field, only to find a reptilian staring back at me!!! It kinda looked like the ones above, although I was mostly captured by the eyes. Alarmed, I withdrew and broke off my observance. I hate to say my first response was fear, but I never expected to be looking a reptilian in the eye! He saw me, and I saw him…looked right into each other’s eyes! *shudder* I quickly woke myself up, got my black tourmaline to place on my Well of Dream chakra to protect myself from psychic attack, and set my nighttime playlist to repeat a “song” that is said to remove negative entities. I lit some more sandalwood incense too.

Then I felt ashamed of my fear response. Were “they” stimulating this fear response in me? Or was that just my own issues coming up? I figured it was just me since I did not feel anything around me, so I settled my mind and rejected the fear. After all, all I did was peek in, and I wasn’t a threat of any sort. I did not want to play into the fear, since it is something the ickyons feed on, and would probably be a more direct route back to me than anything. I also realize now, after writing the post about ultraviolet light, that I should have realized that it protects me in such a way that if the energy is mine, it will intensify. It only protects from outside energy. But why didn’t it make me “invisible”? I think I may have forgotten to reinforce my shields before setting off this time…and I know I didn’t protect Dragonfly with either white or ultraviolet light. 😦

So instead of obsessing about the whole reptilian coming after me thing, I decided to delve into the Akashic Records to find out more about the soul aspect of the Moon.

For me, accessing the Akashic Records is much like surfing the Internet…there is all kinds of information there, and I often get sidetracked. I did find out that yes, there is a colony of aliens there, specifically the reptilians. Ickyons do not have physical forms…they usually use reptilians as hosts. The reptilian race comes from the Draco star system, and their kind has been known to us as dragons. There are many kinds of Draconians, and dragons are only one kind though. The ones on the moon aren’t dragons…they are humanoid in form, much like the ones above. I asked about the naked humans that Swann saw there, and I think they were actually the reptilians shapeshifted to a human form. Because naked humans couldn’t survive the cold of the moon! But reptilians could. It seems that they (the reptilians) were aware that humans were remote viewing the moon at that time, so perhaps they were walking around in a human form to throw off anyone trying to look in, either by RVing or using a satellite. They may have had a policy that if you go above ground, then you have to wear that “uniform”(human shape) as a precaution. This is what came to me. I had worried that maybe humans were being abducted and used for mining operations on the moon, but I was told no. I was relieved.

So I looked into my other question, which is does the moon have an Oversoul like Earth does? All the planets and stars have souls, of a different order than human ones of course. They are alive too, sentient in a way we can’t understand. We are ants. Looking for some answers on that front, I discovered that yes, the moon has a soul too. It was captured from some other part of the galaxy and put in place around the earth. Looking back at my memories from when I first came to this planet millions of years ago, I do realize that I did not see the Moon at all. And Mars only had one. Mars was a blue green planet back then too. I believe that the reason Mars has 2 moons now is because one of them was once the Earth’s. Earth’s original moon was taken out of our orbit and flung into Mars’ orbit so the much bigger Moon could be placed there. Could this be the cause of what happened to Mars???

One of the arguments for the Moon being an artificial satellite is the fact is that it is so much bigger than it should be. The moons of Mars are more standard…Phobos is 27 km long in its longest dimension and Deimos is 15 km long in its longest dimension. Our Moon is 3500 km in diameter! The moons of Mars are irregular in shape, as one would expect, whereas ours is very spherical. Here are some statements I found online about this.

The Earth, by comparison, is 12 800 km wide, and has a mass 81 times as great. This means that pro rata the Earth has the largest satellite of any of the planets, and strictly the Earth and Moon may be considered to be a binary planet. -Inconstant Moon.com

The Moon is Earth’s only permanent natural satellite. It is one of the largest natural satellites in the Solar System, and the largest among planetary satellites relative to the size of the planet that it orbits (its primary). It is the second-densest satellite among those whose densities are known (after Jupiter’s satellite Io). -Wikipedia

Not only that, but there are rocks on the moon that are older than Earth! All this points to the fact that it’s not likely that the moon is a natural satellite for Earth. And doesn’t it seem weird that for such a large satellite, sitting in the habitable zone of our star system, that it never developed an atmosphere? There is only a small habitable zone around any star, where the conditions are right for water to remain liquid and for physical life to develop. Of course, you need to be big enough to have an atmosphere too. Mars once did, but it was sheared off by a comet. Although…I wonder if that “comet” was the Moon passing through on its way to Earth????

Yes, delving into the Akashic Records leads into all kinds of other things! LOL The biggest problem for me is that it gets me to thinking, and then I no longer know what is my thoughts and what is actually fact from the Records. I know when I ask a specific question and get an answer, that it comes from my Guardian angel though, like when I was told no, there are no humans on the Moon. The Records do not speak. They are more like a stream of consciousness, a record of all times and all things, yet beyond time. It’s a really complicated thing to explain, since it is totally outside our finite human physics perceptions. The closest I can come to explaining it is to compare it to the internet x 1,000! How well you can read it has a lot to do with how well you can keep your own mental processing from interfering. I think too much. sigh

Anyway, to sum up my moon exercise, yes, there are aliens on the moon and I encountered a reptilian eye to eye, and I did find out that the Moon is feminine and has a soul. This means that I don’t have to feel weird about doing my moon rituals. I do think I will be amending them though, sending Love and Light to her to help rid her of those dark entities.