In this dream, Chango appeared as a very large, rounded muscled man. He was bald, with very round muscles, and he was so white he was pinkish! I still remember the feel of his hug…it was very warm and comforting, not sexual at all. He was just being very friendly with his arm around me. I can still feel the texture of his skin…it was a very visceral dream. I don’t understand the significance of calling me a Mennonite and a mother though…or who that woman was supposed to represent. She annoyed me with her condescending attitude though.

Occult Codex 05-21-16

Well, I had another interesting Chango dream – he seems to prefer Chango to Shango. In the dream, Barb (my sister) and I were going to a male stripper place, where we were greeted by a very large, roundish man in a G-string. His entire body was rounded, not that he was fat or anything. And he was white (or rather pink). He came out of the place and gave me a big hug, and kept his arm around me as he led us over to the wall where the placards explained the 3 kinds of shows they had. Then a woman came out and said in a rather dismissive tone, that I was a Mennonite and wanted the tamest show. I said no, and she called me a mother then, and again, I said no – that I had been to these kinds of shows 8 times in 15 yrs (not true, it’s been 33 yrs!) and that I didn’t need the tamest section. I felt really annoyed by her characterization. 

Then I woke – and realized the sweet, flirty round guy was actually Chango! He’s appeared as a white man both times that I have encountered him, although the first time he was swarthy and this time shaved bald and hairless. I asked him about this, and he said it was to make himself more presentable to my sensibilities. He’s very charming actually. Loves women! LOL Both times he was just charming and flirty – not at all the harsh warrior type. I asked him about that, and he laughed and said he loves women – he did have 3 wives after all! I

I researched him a bit to see if the Santeria or Yoruba religions characterize him thusly, and they both do. He is noted as a dancer, for male virility and passion. So this personality aspect “fits”. I also read that he “defiled” a young virgin because he saw her chastity as a challenge – guess that’s why he’s become interested in me then. I have been celibate for the last 27 yrs – actually 51 yrs of my 53 yrs. I guess chastity fits. LOL Although rape turns me off – this aspect of forcing a female is definitely a trigger for me! Although he says that was a long time ago, when he was young and human. He has matured and changed a lot since then – he’s not so much about war any longer! He actually quoted the “make love, not war” slogan to me! He’s laughing. He says the time for war is past now – it is a different time now. He wants to help me with my misandry. Well, I guess he does like challenges! LOL