This was a weird dream, with werewolves in it. I’m not sure what Chango has to do with werewolves, although I did double-check to see if there was any lore on him being a shape-shifter, or fighting shift-shapers. Nope. Anyway, this was an apocalyptic type of dream, with werewolves taking over the world and needing to be stopped.

Now werewolves have been appearing in my nightmares for decades, since I was a teenager actually. They always appear in their beastly half-man/half wolf form, walking upright. The idea that they represent my baser nature doesn’t seem to fit, so I still have no idea what they mean in my dreams. Guess I’ll keep dreaming about them until I figure it out. sigh I have encountered them on the astral plane too, where they always chase me, with the intent to harm me. At least I assume they want to harm me when they catch me. Maybe I should let them catch me, since you can’t die on the astral/dream plane. And I thought I was done with killing them every time…you’re not supposed to kill monsters in your dreams. They represent a shadow aspect that’s trying to get your attention. Although technically, it was Chango who was going to kill them.

I didn’t do a good job of explaining the dream in the Codex…we were in a large city somewhere, inside a skyscraper building. We were discussing how to destroy the enemy, and Chango had volunteered to be the one to sacrifice himself by detonating a bomb that would destroy the enemy. Then the enemy came crashing through the windows…they rappelled through the plate glass windows high up in the building where we were. The enemy were werewolves.

Occult Codex 05-23-16

Well, I dreamt of Chango again – he was in a war movie type dream. He was like my boyfriend and he had to sacrifice himself to detonate this bomb to destroy the werewolves. What werewolves mean, I really don’t know! They crashed through the windows to harm us – I really don’t think that werewolves (manators or shapeshifters) are evil, although I have always had trouble with them on the astral plane. Guess I’m still killing them. sigh

Oh – I got another hug from Chango – this time it was a sweet goodbye, regretful kind of hug. Because he was going off to detonate the bomb. Could this be an actual goodbye? As in he doesn’t want to work with me? Or just further verification that it is the Chango energy I am dealing with – the whole war god aspect, which frankly doesn’t interest me. I’d rather not focus on that aspect, to be honest here.

I googled him as “ladies man” and boy was there a lot of info. This seems to be his more recent, mature form – his warrior aspect seems more an aspect of his volatile youth, and his human lifetime as a Yoruban king and conqueror. So why the war-like dream, complete with a bomb? It was rather dark and somber and depressing – and the werewolves were very scary! I’m sorry, but I find them frightening, although weretigers and werecats don’t scare me. Why do I dream about werewolves in a bad sense? At least I didn’t kill any…I was only colluding to. LOL