In the Vedic system of astrology, I am a Chitra. Chitra is the Secret of the Pearl, concerned with issues of maya, which is illusion. According to the Venoastrology site:

To be born with emphasis on chitra nakshatra is to be deeply engrossed in trying to find the meaning behind the secret functionings of the universe. Chitra’s main task is to see through the many veils of illusion in the universe, it is akin to vishnu reclining on his serpent bed, who holds the realization that the universe is a constant unfolding of his dream state.

They also go on to say:

How chitra creates is interesting enough… The symbol of chitra is two fold, the diamond and the pearl: The diamond is the symbol of the trials and tribulations the mind must go through in order to be hardened enough to cut through the maya (illusion) of cosmic play (everyday “reality”; a little like the matrix, eh?) Thus, the chitra must come to terms with every aspect of the rough stone of the mind, chipping away at the impurities as they come along, until finally, the focus of the one-mind is strong enough to realize what can be the most enlightening and simultaneous frightening thing… the ultimate reality, the self. This is the meaning of the diamond.

According to this site, Chitra is associated with both Virgo and Libra, and it is the Virgo aspect that causes Chitra to seek answers for illusions.

The reason I’m writing about this is because I got to thinking about why I was so intensely determined to find out more about the mystery of the moon. It was my Chitra side that wanted to rip away the veil of illusion that surrounds the whole issue. When I found this shadow side to the Moon, I had to get to the bottom of it! It strangely held me in thrall, and remembering my Chitra side, it makes sense. Although Scorpio likes a good mystery too!