When I was first researching the Orishas, I wasn’t really searching for info on Shango. I had read a few unsavory things about him, so I wasn’t interested in researching him at all. But what I had already found while researching Oshun, was that she was married to Shango. So I started off calling him Shango in the first couple of entries in my Codex. It is interesting to note that he was the first Orisha to contact me in my dreams. And he looked more like the guy above than George, although not dressed like this, dressed more like George.

Occult Codex 05-13-16

Interesting side note – I dreamt of Shango last night! I thought he was George Clooney at first though, so I think he is trying to make the comparison so I don’t feel so wary of him. HUH! Guess I will have to research him after all!