I live in a converted house with 3 apartments…I live in the front section, there is a girl and her baby upstairs, and a couple of Mennonite women who live in the back. The girl upstairs is loud and heavy footed…I can hear her yelling at her boyfriend more than I ever hear the baby crying or the little dog yapping! She slams doors, clomps around upstairs, bangs things (throwing things?)…being an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) makes this a real trial for me. She has a really angry energy about her, and this makes me have to shield all the time. sigh

Occult Codex 06-25-16

Well, on the 18th, or rather early on the 19th, at 1 am, I was awakened by a big bang upstairs. The banging and thumping continued, so I called the police. They had been fighting a couple of nights previously, from 11 pm to 1 am! I wasn’t putting up with it a second night. Turns out they were having sex…or at least that’s what they told the police. bleah

Now Papa Legba thought it was funny. I was not amused and got very angry at him and told him I did not need a trickster god with a warped sense of humor in my life. I have decided to NOT deal with him. 

I had a dream last night about this – I was on a bus and got to talking about Orishas with this black girl. She was very fierce, and she told me not to deal with Papa Legba and that he was bad and to stay away from him. I believe the girl was Oya! What does it mean if one god tells you to stay away from another? It was Chango who told me about Papa Legba to begin with. bleah Very confusing. I am pretty sure it was Oya – her fierce protectiveness seems consistent with the fact that I believe I am a daughter of Oya. I have been seeing her dragonflies around – and I have never seen dragonflies before. And I have been feeling her presence with the winds that have been blowing lately. No rain though – I don’t know whether praying to her for the storms that have supposed to be happening over the last couple of weeks  – and haven’t! – is appropriate. But it’s interesting that she appeared in a dream. Previously, it has only been Chango (and Papa Legba, briefly). I don’t remember talking to Papa Legba in the dream though. I have spoken to both Chango and Oya in my dreams.

I want to reiterate that I was incredibly annoyed with Papa Legba over the incident with the girl upstairs. I got the impression from him that it was a prank to get me to lighten up…he is a trickster god after all. But I did not find it funny, and I felt bad for the poor girl and guy. It was more embarrassing for them than it was for me, and more embarrassing for the police who knocked on my door to inform me what the noise really was about. I had thought she was throwing stuff at him, or one (or both) of them were getting pushed about. And I didn’t hear the baby crying at all, which made me wonder where the baby was. Geez. I’m not a prude, but I don’t think the entire situation was amusing. Papa Legba thought it was hysterical. I was so furious at him! I told him I wasn’t going to deal with him any more…it was a very angry diatribe! It may be what sparked the dream, although the dream happened more than a week later. This is what makes me think that it was Oya in the dream, and not just some aspect of myself. I don’t think I would use a black girl as an aspect of myself anyway, since I am white.

I’m still confused about why Oya would warn me against Alegba, and why Chango was the one who introduced us. I can still feel the Papa Legba energy around me, but I still do not want anything more to do with him. I have free will, and do not have to accept a spirit guide who doesn’t work well with me. I believe I was right to have reservations right from the beginning. I think trickster gods are not to be trusted and one should have minimal dealings with them…unless of course you like chaos in your life. No thank you. I have the right to say that too. Love and Light to you Papa Legba, but stay out of my life. Thanks.