This is kinda a summation of my dreams about Chango so far, and I realize I don’t even discuss the dream here! I actually don’t remember much about the dream, except there was a baby kangaroo in it. He was holding it in his arms…it was very cute! Again…don’t know what the dream symbology is about…sigh

Occult Codex 06-26-16

I want to write down about my Chango dreams – I have had 5 of them now. In the last one, he appeared as Shemar Moore, and he appeared as Shemar again in a vision last night.

I had told him he could appear as a black man, since in the previous dreams he was always white.  I do think of Chango as black. He says he appeared as white so I would more easily accept him – but I’m not prejudiced at all, and he is black in my mind. He doesn’t have to appear as Shemar either though, although there are a slew of characteristics I ascribe to Shemar as Derek Morgan character (in Criminal Minds TV show) that fit for Chango. I think this is how Chango wants me to think of him, as having the same character as Derek Morgan. But I already do see him as a ladies man – back in the beginning, I had to research him more since so many images portray him as a god of war, of thunder, of fire – scary and scowling. That is so not the Chango I have come to know. I guess that is the human self he was – he grins and says he has matured a lot. I have read this same thing – that he matured when he was deified. Now he’s more about the dancing, the divination, and the drums. 

It is said that when he became an Orisha, Obatala (another wise Orisha) told him he had to mellow, and gave Chango the color white to go with his red. Certain colors are ascribed to each Orisha, and Chango’s are red and white, but mostly red. Obatala’s color is white. He is wise and pure. Chango traded in his weapons of war for the bata drums and dancing, and took on Obatala’s divination skills along with his calmer demeanor. Chango has his own dance even! So this is what he means that he has matured a lot since his human incarnation.