Now this wasn’t a dream so much as a vision…I awoke one morning to find both Chango and his friend Papa Legba in my stream of consciousness. It’s interesting to note that I was antagonistic towards Papa Legba in the beginning, and wasn’t going to deal with him. How premonitory!!! Please note this was a long, rambling entry that I’ve since divided into two posts.

Occult Codex 06-18-16

I’ve been thinking more on the orishas. I had another…vision/astral experience with Chango a week or so ago, and he introduced me to Papa Legba.Well, Papa Legba has negative connotations for me, so I wasn’t pleased. I actually rejected him when I looked him up online…lots of death imagery, scary images from the piss-poor job the TV show American Horror Story: Coven did on him. They made him out to be scary and like the devil – a drug addict and evil! Looking more in-depth, I have discovered they did him a HUGE injustice portraying him like that! WTH?!?!? 

Anyway, Papa Legba is the orisha of communication between the 2 worlds. He resides at the crossroads, and will help both sides bridge any gaps in communication/language. Dogs are sacred to him, and he is usually portrayed as an old black man with a crooked staff, a straw hat, a corncob pipe, and dogs all around him. Sometimes roosters too. He is the gatekeeper, so is associated with St. Anthony’s abbot form. The abbot monk form is usually portrayed holding baby Jesus, and Papa Legba loves children too. He is sometimes portrayed as a child, and he likes toys. Could he be the one who’s been whispering in my ear (soul) to get more toys??? I have quite a collection of coloring books, and have a lot of  “childish” stuff for my coping toolbox ( a collection of things to distract me when I’m feeling down or anxious). 

I went and got out my old deck of cards (found them in a baggie that contained 2 little booklets – one on how to read cards, and one on how to tell fortunes!) and put it in my coping toolbox too, only to find that Papa Legba is associated with playing cards and games of chance. hmmm…

I had bought this cute little lavender plastic bear with a multicolor light inside it that does a disco ball kind of thing when you shake/squeeze it. it is sooo cute! Anyway…it all kinda smacks of Papa Legba’s involvement. So I don’t feel so antagonistic any longer. And I was antagonistic in the beginning! 

I had read that you must petition him in order to interact with any of the Orishas – pffttt to that! That made him seem comparable to a priest in their intermediary capacity – and I rejected that back in grade school! I never understood why I had to tell the priest my sins…so he could ask God for forgiveness on my behalf???? pffft on that too! I stopped going to confession after that…I only went 3 times, partly because how many damn sins does a 7 year old have? Seriously. 😦 By the third time, while I was wracking my brain trying to come up with something, I decided that I can talk to God myself and ask for forgiveness – it’s none of the priest’s business what my sins are!

Anyway, casting Papa Legba in that same capacity didn’t sit well, so I had to do more research to understand. Yes, he does help with communications between the 2 worlds, but I don’t buy into the idea that I need him to interact with the Orishas, or any other divine being. So I rejected him, and the idea of him as a nasty old man who hits you with his can/staff. (one woman claimed he did that!). I don’t need judgmental people in my life – I am plenty self-judging! I am harder on myself than I should be, so I don’t need anyone else helping along that way! 

But the Papa Legba I am getting to know is a softer, kinder man – the kind that loves kids and dogs. I’ve read people’s blogs and some characterize him as harsh and punitive – I don’t know why those people need him to be that way. Another girl says her Papa Legba loves his black Santas, and the stuffed Russian bear that she has for him. I read there are many caminos/avatars/roads of him…makes me think he is merely archetypal energy and was never a real person. He is not an African orisha though – he is associated with the orishas Eshu or Eleggua. He is voodoo, which is the black slave’s religion they brought over from Africa and adapted. So why did Chango introduce me to Papa Legba and not, say Eshu? Chango is worshipped in voodoo too, but still…it’s all kinda confusing…and what do the werewolves in my last Chango dream mean too?