I’ve divided the Chango/Papa Legba post into 2…there was so much there that it was ponderous to try to read. Here is the second part of that post.

Occult Codex 06-08-16

I’m sticking with the idea that all these gods and goddesses are ascended masters though. I’ve been thinking on how so many of them are similar across cultures. Oshun can be likened to Venus and Aphrodite (although I do think that Venus and Aphrodite were the same person, living at the same time, just called different names in Rome than in Greece). But Chango, I read, was the basis for Thor, and Oya is similar to Kali, etc, etc, etc. Now Thor came before Chango, so that is bunk – Chango was the fourth kind of the Oyo dynasty, which existed from the 15th to the 19th centuries – Thor is from thousands of years ago!

But, I read in someone’s blog that she had encountered Papa Legba (I think) and had asked him about his similarity to other gods, and he said that they were “all of the same wind”. Interesting analogy – the girl must have been an air sign. But I get from this is that they are all part of the same soul group. This makes sense to me – they are similar because their souls are part of the same group of souls, which actually makes them soulmates. This realization also came up because Chango and Oya are both thunder gods – and Oya was supposedly his favorite wife, who he stole from his brother Ogun. Makes sense if they are soulmates too. Now I feel bad because I have placed Oshun’s altar space beside Chango’s in the divided space of the shrine. bleah

To further elucidate on the idea of group souls…the Hindus equate souls with water. They see God as the river Ganges, and we are all raindrops that evaporated from the River. We fall on mountaintops and in fields, and have to work our way back to the River. I think this is a wonderfully descriptive analogy! And just as some raindrops gather into puddles, so too do souls gather into soul groups. Souls with common characterizations/themes/lessons to learn tend to group together. Members of your soul group are your soulmates, explaining why you can have more than one soulmate in your life, and why they are best to marry. A twin flame is something separate…it is the other half of your soul, which split off when you took on free will and came to Earth.

The idea of soul groups would help to explain why a lot of the gods/goddesses are similar in nature. I do not experience Thor and Chango as the same entity, nor does Lilith and Kali feel like the same person. Similar energies, yes. But not the same soul. It does make me wonder about the Papa Legba I had gotten to know though. Who is he? There seems to be as many Papa Legbas/Eshus/Elegguas/Baron Samedis/Pomba Giras/etc as there are people who have encountered him. He goes by many names it seems. Although I think they are all different entities. They are all of the same energy though, and as I mentioned above, maybe he’s more an archetype, and there are many different souls going by the name just for brevity’s sake maybe???