I’ve hesitated to mention this spirit guide because it seems so out there. A sabre tooth tiger? Really? I tried looking up if ancient animals can be spirit guides, and found info on the dragon and the unicorn. I guess a few people have dragon and unicorn spirit guides. Then I was reading that spirit guides can be almost anything, including symbols. That’s interesting…hmmm. I know my old Manchurian guy uses the universe in his eyes as symbology. What this all means then, is that Spirit can come to us in many different ways. This site claims there are 7 kinds of spirit guides: animals, light beings, ancestors, plants, gods/goddesses, ascended masters, and even half man/half animal beings (like Ganesha and Anubis).

Now tigers are an ongoing theme in my life. In Western astrology, I am a Scorpio, whose animal is the tiger. The symbol for Scorpio is the scorpion, but scorpions are arachnids…bugs. In the Chinese system, I am a water Tiger, and my Vedic sign is Chitra, which is ruled by the female tiger. I do love tigers, and find I love stories about weretigers even. I love all cats actually, and have 3 domestic cats of my own, plus I feed and care for the feral cats outside too. The weretiger theme will become more apparent later on.

When I tried to see if a tiger was one of my spirit guides, I thought through all the different kinds and colors and couldn’t decide on one. Although such a thing is not a decision. Duh. Your spirit guides come to you, you can’t just say you want the wolf as one because it’s cool. I’m afraid it doesn’t work that way. I knew this, so I just emptied my mind and waited to see what would pop up when I called out to Tiger. Well, I wasn’t as startled as I would have thought when a sabre tooth tiger padded out to greet me. And it was a golden one, not a traditional orange and black striped one. Much like the image above, which I had been surprised to find!

Thinking on the golden sabre tooth tiger, I decided to name her Goldie. Then I realized something else…we had known each other before! Warning…more way out there stuff coming up. Bear with me. 🙂

I have already outlined here that I come from another world. My body is human, my psyche is human, but my soul is from somewhere other than Earth. At least originally. I remember coming here millions of years ago, before humans existed. We didn’t have physical forms though, and knew that we were missing out on a lot of what makes this planet unique. So we created vehicles for ourselves…and we made them look much like ourselves. I’m not saying we were one of the creator races, because I do know that the humanoid forms were truly empty shells, and were more like a car than anything. There was no reproductive capability, for these forms weren’t meant to become a race of people or anything. They were strictly temporary biological vehicles to move around in.

At some point, we started projecting ourselves into the animal lifeforms too, trying to get a more complete picture of what this physical world was about. I remember that dinosaurs were not overly intelligent, and were quite ponderous, moving fairly slowly and focused on basic survival needs, like food. Think crocodiles…the stereotype of dinosaurs is True. I mean, some were fast, like T-Rex and the smaller ones, but basically, they had ponderous minds too. There was not a whole lot going on upstairs, and their energy was very heavy. You could really lose yourself inside one of them though…their energy signatures were huge too! You could easily “hide” inside one, and no one would sense your energy.

But it was the smaller mammals that were more interesting for us, and I know I shared a body with Goldie at some point in time. She agreed to help explain things to me and show me things while my consciousness traveled inside her, going along for the ride. I have no way of verifying this statement, but it is a certainty I hold in my mind. Even after all these millions of years, she is still willing to befriend me. 🙂 She has helped me access a lot of esoteric knowledge about that ancient time, which I will be discussing in the future.