I finally decided to play with some yellow Light, to see what effects it would have. Two nights ago I put yellow Light around myself and was most delighted to find it was a very pleasant vibration! It was slightly warm, but bright and cheerful. I was going to try orange Light too, but I was reveling in the yellow too much.

What pleased me even more, was that my day yesterday went very well. Money’s tight, and my promotional package for the phone/internet just expired and my bill went from $67/mo to $90/mo! Needless to say, I went in search for an alternative last month. I had found one that would only be $69/mo and would give me unlimited province-wide long distance. Nice bonus. Although when someone called back to set up the tech who would come out to set it up, I was informed of the $75 set up fee. The sales guy forgot to mention that. 😦 It would mean that I couldn’t get my poor fluffy kitty shaved this month…it would have to wait till next month now. Unfortunately, it’s hot and humid now. And the guy never said if that price was including taxes. Cogeco gives you an after taxes figure too when discussing prices.

Anyway…I called Cogeco to cancel my services for August 2 when the contract ended, and I was of course shuffled off to a sales rep to discuss my reasons why I was leaving. It’s an opportunity for them to win back your patronage. Well…she succeeded! She was able to offer me essentially the same deal as I had before – $67/mo after taxes. It maintains the status quo financially for me, and doesn’t entail all the hassle of returning modems, set up fees, etc. So I am happy. Life will continue on like it has, at least as far as my cable bill is concerned. I do think the yellow energy played a part here. And maybe Oshun too. 🙂