Note that this post was supposed to follow the Yellow Light Meditation post, but I screwed up. 

I decided to try the yellow Light meditation again last night, for the second time, but had trouble “seeing” the yellow Light against my eyelids. When I call in a colored Light when my eyes are closed, I “see” the color filling my field of vision. Last night, I couldn’t seem to call up that color. I decided to use a citrine crystal to help draw in the yellow Light, and as I was laying down, I decided to place it on my solar plexus chakra, which is the natural seat for yellow energy. But a strange thing happened. I started feeling a pull on my third eye chakra! I think this may be because the natural citrine crystal had a lot of white quartz in it. But the pull on my third eye chakra was so intense that it felt like something was on my forehead! I even touched my forehead to make sure there was nothing there.

Since I had verified that it was my third eye energy that was activated, I decided to work with it. I have had that strange “pushing out” type of energy happening at my third eye before, and meditating on it has never gotten me anywhere. I’ve always thought that perhaps I was trying to astral project, but that doesn’t seem right and has never borne out. I got to thinking I should try to “push out” internally, instead of externally, ie. push the energy inward towards my pineal chakra. So this is what I did this time. Nothing much seems to have happened though. The intense pressure on my third eye chakra dissipated, but I didn’t feel anything happen in my pineal chakra. I don’t know what this means, unless the energy is subliminally working on my pineal chakra now. I am thinking that I should maybe try some golden Light work now. Although the pineal chakra’s energy is purple, and yellow is the complement of purple.

I went searching for more information on the pineal chakra and the color associated with it, and came across conflicting information. Damn! I hate how so much of the new ascension information is not consistent across the board. Everyone is in agreement about the main 7 chakra system, but there is so much variance about the new chakra system. And even about what is happening with the Ascension. I still feel that one should beware any channeled information…the False Light is very keen at keeping humans confused and in the dark about what is going on. So I think it is best to rely on one’s own discernment, asking angels (as opposed to once human guides) for answers.

My intuition tell me that although the third eye chakra is indigo, and the crown chakra is violet, the pineal chakra is purple. Indigo is blue purple and violet is red purple. It makes sense to me that the pineal chakra would be just plain purple. Interesting that the citrine crystal had an effect on the third eye, but quieted down when I directed the energy to the pineal chakra. Although looking up the locations for both the pineal gland and the pituitary gland, it seems they are both internal structures in the brain. I’ve also read that the third eye chakra is associated with the pineal gland, not the pituitary. Confusion reigns again. 😦

I am resolving this issue by remembering what I read that the third eye chakra has split off into two, much like the heart chakra. I am going to assume that the third eye chakra was not really associated with either gland, since it’s energy is located in the center of one’s forehead. Both glands are deep inside the brain. If the third eye chakra has split its energy into a higher and lower frequency, then perhaps the pituitary and pineal glands are only now playing a more pivotal role in the functioning of each chakra. This would mean that the new third eye chakra is different from the original. It would follow that the new heart chakra would also be different from the original. Does this make intuitive sense?

I think it does make a lot of intuitive sense. The third eye was all about perceiving the paranormal, seeing Spirit. With ascending to our new crystalline bodies with fully activated 12 strand DNA, it would make sense that the chakras helping us perceive this reality would be enhanced and changed. It makes intuitive sense that new chakras would open to add to those chakras too. The third eye now becomes the pituitary and pineal chakras, and the heart chakra becomes the heart and thymus chakras. The heart center needed an upgrade too, since this new reality is much more heart-centered and focused on Universal Love.