Here we go again…something else has triggered my moon issues. NASA has released a video and some photos of the dark side of the moon illuminated and passing in front of the Earth. I have to  ask…why the hell is it looking so flat????

That tiny little sliver of a shadow to the right would indicate that the object is flat…I am an artist and I have done a lot of work with PaintShop Pro (like Photoshop) in creating images. I understand about 3 dimensionality and how to make something 2D look 3D. Why aren’t there deeper shadows in the craters…aren’t they miles deep??? Why isn’t there a gradation of light at the edges? Is this even real?

The moon does not look real to me, and I think someone has doctored the video and pictures to disguise what really is going on on the far side of the moon. There is no way it is that smooth either…someone’s done a piss-poor job of “touching” up the pictures and video. And why would they even bother doing that???? I think this is just more proof that there is something there that “they” don’t want us to know about. I wonder why NASA is releasing such a bogus video and pics? More dissimulation for what end? bleah