I have noticed an alarming trend in the last couple of weeks…every time I go outside for more than a few minutes, I wind up with stomach cramps and diarrhea. It is extremely hot and humid these days, and it is not raining. The weather stations keep predicting thunderstorms, but they just are not panning out. And I can FEEL the rain and storms; as an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), I have always been very sensitive to the weather. Storms feel like a heavy pressure on my chest. Rain makes me sleepy, and I start feeling that somnolence even before the rain starts. I am finding myself feeling agitated and…I dunno, befuddled? – because I can feel the rain, yet it isn’t coming. It’s driving me a little nutso. Why isn’t it raining?!?!?

Which makes me wonder what is in the air that is preventing this? What is screwing up our weather making it so hot and humid, with temperatures in the 30s and humidex in the 40s? That’s celsius, or 90s and 100s for those who prefer fahrenheit. I recently read of one place in India that just hit 54C! That’s 129F! And that’s not including any humidex! I cannot imagine! What is driving the weather to such extremes?

Enter chemtrails. The stuff coming out of those airplanes are not contrails (condensation trails)! Contrails don’t last that long. There are all kinds of nasty chemicals and metals in those chemtrails, and they are all designed to make us sick. A sick populace cannot cause trouble. Here is a good article that talks about chemtrails and other types of geoengineering.

Now, maybe there’s a lot of pollen out there, and I’m allergic to something in the air. I’m not so bad inside. But then I consciously condition my inside air with incense, smudging, and diffusing essential oils. I listen to chants and solfeggio type music to raise the vibrations in my home. Is this maybe why I get sick when I leave home? The outside air is certainly not as rarefied as my home’s air. But checking for pollen counts, the worst of the allergy season is over, and pollen counts are low right now. But all that humidity must be making stuff “stick” in the air, just suspended amongst the water particles.

Something is definitely wrong when going outside makes a person sick. Perhaps I’m just noticing it more because with the horrible heat I’ve been staying inside more. My asthma doesn’t like that hot stickiness, and I don’t use asthma meds. I use naturopathic means instead, which includes lavender, peppermint and lemon essential oils. Avoidance of triggers is good too. And since there’s nothing much to do in this town anyway, it isn’t hard to keep myself amused indoors.

But what’s with this problem with getting tummy pains and diarrhea? Could it be a detoxing kind of thing? And what am I detoxing from? Whatever is in the air these days? Am I being paranoid, or is my body naturally eliminating the toxic shit that might be in the air? I’m thinking it’s detoxing the shit in the air, which I can’t help but think is the result of all the chemtrails. I think it’s affecting the weather as well as the water, the ground, our food, etc, etc. GMOs are a real problem too. I have taken to blessing my food now, praying that it will not harm me and that it will provide nourishment. I only drink distilled water. I put white light over the food, and around my home, to keep all negativity out. I’m starting to think I have made my home more safe, to the extent that going outside of it is triggering symptoms that everyone now just accepts as normal. That they have habituated to.

This isn’t going to help my tendency to isolate when I’m depressed. Maybe it explains that tendency? But I’m not feeling depressed any longer. I have a few new spirit guides, and things are going better for me. And I haven’t noticed any chemtrails in the sky here in this small town…I think perhaps it’s not so prevalent here. But…there is still something ominous about this lack of rain and the horrible heat and humidity. What to do about this?

Hmmm…I think I need to get back to doing my 6 pm meditation to bring peace to the planet. I had started to put white light around the world at that time too. With my computer problems though, I stopped getting my auto notification every day at 6pm…I need to activate it again. I can only assume that the best thing any of us can do is help support Gaia in her ascension process. Only then will the madness end with the Dark. Feeling helpless and hopeless about these negative things will not help. I know this. The meditations help me feel like I am doing something positive to help. Asking for help from Source, putting the matter in GOD’s hands, seems like the only recourse we have left. Of course, if I can stop it in some other concrete way, I will.

Oh…and I’m still having problems with a weeping left eye. bleah