Manators are those half-man/half-animal creatures that used to exist thousands of years ago. Like satyrs, centaurs, mermaids, minotaurs, etc. They were generically termed manators, a term I believe that Edgar Cayce postulated. Edgar Cayce, the sleeping Prophet, was arguably the most famous and accurate psychic of the 20th century. My mother has read most, if not all, of his work, and I have read some of it myself. He spoke of these creatures and how they came about. Jon Peniel, author of the book ‘Children of the Law of One & The Lost Teachings of Atlantis (1998),’ which is a book about Edgar Cayce’s work, wrote the following:

“‘You have probably heard of mythological beings such as the Minotaur, Centaur, Mermaid, etc.. The Minotaur, had a bull’s head and a human body, the Centaur, a human head and torso with a horse’s body. You may also have seen pictures of Egyptian ‘gods’ with animal heads and human bodies, or animal bodies and human heads (like the Sphinx). In the Pacific regions, ancient drawings and carvings of ‘bird headed’ humans can be found on both sides of the ocean. Why do you think so much of this exists? Many legends and myths have some foundation in fact, and this is no exception. The ancient teachings from Atlantis, reveal that such creatures did indeed exist, and that their origins were not what you might expect – they were the fallen angelic beings from the ‘first wave’ of materialization on earth.’”(2)

Now I know these creatures existed because I remember a lifetime as one. Over 12,000 yrs ago, I was a satyr named Gerkyl. I became aware of this lifetime during a past-life regression session. I lived on Atlantis just before they destroyed themselves and the island sank.

It is interesting that Jon characterized them as “fallen angelic beings from the first wave of materialization on earth”. With the awareness I have gotten from my meditations with my sabre tooth tiger spirit guide Goldie, I have a different view on what they were.

I remember using the animals as a vehicle to get around in on this planet. In some ways they were preferable to the empty shells we had created, because they had an instinctive and personal relationship with the physical world. It helped us to understand physicality better. I would not characterize us as fallen angelic beings…we were aliens from another star system. Although technically, we are all fallen angelic beings, since we were all once angels, and it was only by taking on free will that we “fell” and became human.

Definitely we were beings from the first wave of materialization on earth though. How strange it is to see such a reference to myself and my people. Strange to think that humans think of us in this way…we were merely alien researchers who came to this planet to study it. Because it was a blue-green planet, and there are few blue-green planets in the universe. Many planets have sentient life on them, but very few have physical forms…most planets are just too harsh to support life as we know it on this planet. Aliens are, by and large, non-corporeal and could only be seen by psychics.

Jon Peniel goes on to say

“These pre-Adam humans came to this dimension as a lark. They thought it would be ‘fun.’ But the more they had sex with the animals and each other, the more they ate and partook of this dimension, the more their thought-form bodies congealed. Eventually, they were unable to return to the homelands of the higher dimensional realms and became trapped in this dimension. The entrapment lasted for hundreds of thousands of years. Cayce hinted that a race of extraterrestrials had been enlisted to attempt to ‘rescue’ the hapless pre-Adam humans.”

I would like to clarify that we did not have sex with animals…we merely projected our souls into the animal’s bodies. What we discovered, much to our dismay, was that after a period of time, our consciousness messed with the animals’ DNA and suddenly, their babies were being born half us/half them. It was a totally unexpected turn of events, one we never imagined or knew what to do about. So instead of using the animals’ bodies, we switched to these hybrids. And yes, something about spending too much time in the hybrids caused our own consciousness to become heavy and more physical, until we became trapped in those forms. It was a science experiment that went horribly wrong!

I don’t know where Jon gets off thinking we came here as a lark, just for fun. We were scientists and researchers. We should never have come…we didn’t know what we were in for to say the least! Nothing worked like back home…Mother Nature kept throwing us curve balls and we only made things worse through our ignorance and ineptitude. I have a deep sense of regret of what has happened to this planet, and although it’s not all my fault, I do have to shoulder some of the burden of blame. This is a large part of the reason why I am here now, to help Gaia with her Ascension…an attempt to make things right again.