Well, I had my blog assessed by Peek.com, and it wasn’t good. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though…the assessor was a young woman who thought my blog name was a foreign word, thought my site was scientific or something, and didn’t look at the sidebar until later in the game. Then the definition of esoteric threw her and made her feel excluded. And well it should…I am certain she would have been much more at ease if my site had been a fashion or celebrity site. sigh

What I did learn is that I needed a page to explain things a bit more, since most people aren’t very erudite. And they’d have to look up erudite. LOL I am going to put it up as a static front page, because I’m not actually interested in helping people use my blog, since it is very esoteric in nature. I don’t want just anyone trying to read it, like the girl above.

I got to thinking that I don’t really feel like explaining myself to everyone. I’m almost tempted to make my blog invisible or something. But my target reader is someone who’s into the same sort of spiritual/mystic/occult stuff that I am, and I really don’t care about all others. I did put in an Explanatory Notes page though, because I do know my way of thinking is very idiosyncratic. I also put in a WooHoo category for the really out-there stuff, for the really brave. LOL

I guess my blog is more for me than anyone else. I really don’t care if others read it. If it was a book, I would only get a few copies made, and only hand them out to people I know would appreciate it. So I’m not going to concern myself with whether the random purveyor of blogs accidently comes to my site and doesn’t understand. The fact that I have used the world esoteric freely in my title and my sidebar should alert people, and I’m already sick of trying to explain my weirdness. I will not apologize for a very idiosyncratic blog…I do hope most people will just pass me by instead. Yes…I am an introvert. LOL Does this make me arrogant? Probably. Oh well.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m weird…but so is everyone else. Just my weird is very different from most people’s weird…totally outside their realm of experience. Good thing I’m not trying to be normal, and not trying to make my blog normal either. So…reader beware! And I’m not going to bother with Peek again. sigh