I’ve just been reading about this new (to me anyway) idea that the Earth is now called Tara in the 5th dimension. I found a website that was going into all kinds of details about Tara’s new chakras opening. Now, I have heard about the idea that the Earth has chakra points like the human body does, which makes intuitive sense to me. The picture above shows the current planetary chakra system. According to the ACAST.me site, Earth’s new chakras are opening in 5D and they have had events and podcasts and information on it. But they claim that the new 5D Earth is now Tara. I dunno…

According to Ascension Glossary, Tara is the name of 5D earth, Earth is the name of our 3D planet, and Gaia is the name of 7D earth. Except…Gaia is an ancient name for the spirit of our planet, and that is the name I call her. Earth is the body, Gaia is the soul. So where does Tara fit in? And of course, other aliens call this planet other things ie. Thor and the Asgardians call earth Midgard, and it is called Urantia by some unnamed celestial beings. A rose by any other name????

I guess the main reason I have a problem with this Tara concept is that I’m not sure it’s relevant, and seems more like dissimulation than expanding awareness of what is going on with Gaia’s ascension. The ACAST.me site is full of archangel and Elohim channelings…okay…that hit all my buttons there! More archangel garbage as far as I’m concerned, and I don’t think you can trust those messages. Then the Elohim!?! They were the Anunnaki, the creator gods! These people are channeling archonangels and Anunnaki?!?!?! Makes me want to totally reject this whole Tara notion! I did find other references to Tara as a New Age concept for the New Earth, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s just more propaganda of the False Light.

Although it sounds like a good idea to help Gaia with opening her new chakra system too, just like we are opening ours, I have to wonder if the advice of archangels and Elohim are actually going to help. I know I will not be taking their advice on how to help Gaia ascend! The False Light does not want to see any of us ascend beyond their control! But an even more salient point here is: how many other New Agers are building their own ideas on the basis of information gleaned from archangels? Whether they know it or not? It’s so insidious…damn those ickyons! 😦 Okay…I guess I will be avoiding all Tara topics.