This was something random that came up after watching the latest Ironman movie, when he comes up with something new to power his “heartlight” or whatever that thing is in his chest. This is a very esoteric, way out there musing. I think I was channeling information from I dunno where…Ladosa Jenavi maybe???? I am no physicist, and have no idea if any of this even makes sense in a scientific way. I tried looking it up a bit, but it didn’t help.

Occult Codex 05-31-2015

I’ve been thinking and meditating on this for some reason. It doesn’t exist, and the only reference I can find googling it is in reference to a literary Latin work. I can’t find a meaning for the word though. 😦

In my musings, this is a stable element created from radioactive elements. I originally surmised plutonium (from watching Ironman no less!), but have come to realize any unstable radioactive element can be used. Including radium! Thus, nuclear power plants could be turned into latonium power plants! It is a clean, stable energy source that is now manifesting on the planet because of the higher frequencies. The Schumann Resonance must be 8.6 for it to manifest though. Not sure what it is right now. Traditionally it has been 7.2 or 7.4.

The radioactive element (plutonium) must be heated to 212° Centigrade. No…the base element must be heated with 2__2 molecules rotating around it. The blank is the radioactive substance and the 2s refers to 2 electrons and 2 protons circling around it. It must blossom and open into a flower configuration, which is the latonium.

It can negate radioactivity, including radiation poisoning, by changing the frequency of the radioactive particles. It could clean up the ocean from the Fukushima nuclear plant leak!!! It would require a large tuning fork made of latonium, although I don’t know what frequency it would have to be vibrating at. For treating people with radiation poisoning though, it needs to vibrate at 54 Hz and should be an 8″ x 6″ tuning fork with a short handle. But many people could be cured at the same time!

All the radium could be converted to latonium, so nuclear plants would not have to risk exposing the radium. Once converted, the radioactive component is totally nullified. Chernobyl could be cleaned up!

To explain further, using tuning forks made of latonium can clean up radioactive problems, because the frequencies given off would nullify any radioactivity. This is the solution for the new world of 5D we are moving into. I think latonium is about to be discovered and used as a new, clean energy for our world! I think when the earth’s Schumann Resonance is high enough, it will manifest in our world.

Hey! I just discovered that 4 new elements have been added to the periodic table, although I don’t think any of them are latonium. They’ve been given names too…see here. I was looking at the new periodic table models, spirals and 3D ones…wow…I’d have to look at them again with the same eyes/consciousness as when I wrote this entry, but it was promising at first glance.

And to correct my assertion that the Schumann Resonance was historically 7.2 or 7.4, it seems it was 7.83Hz. I don’t know where the 7.2 or 7.4 Hz comes from…I postulate that it is Ladosa Jenavi I am channeling here, and perhaps this was the setting millions of years ago. I dunno. It seems that the Schumann Resonance is now in the 8.5Hz range, even spiking to 16.5 Hz! I know this is one of the signs that the earth is ascending to a higher frequency. I discuss this more here.