Well, I’m bummed! I’ve been avoiding artificial sweeteners for easily a decade now, and only buy non-diet soft drinks and candy. When I buy it, which is rarely. I’d rather take my chances on plain sugar as opposed to the GMO and chemical artificial sweeteners.

I’ve occasionally bought my cranberry juice with stevia in it, and it always bums my taste buds out because of that nasty aftertaste. Which got me to thinking about why my body doesn’t seem to like it. So I researched stevia and lo and behold…although it’s not technically GMO, it is rife with chemicals and other toxic shit.

Now, it is true that the stevia plant is very sweet, and the leaves can be used as a sweetener…in very tiny quantities. The products you buy in the store are not the leaves…they are various powders and liquids. Since it is 40X sweeter than sugar, only a tiny percentage of these products are stevia…the rest is all filler! And horrible fillers to boot! Truvia™ is 98.5% erythritol, a sugar alcohol derived from genetically modified corn. They still have the gall to say it contains no GMOs. 😦 Other brands use other kinds of chemicals, but the gist of it all is: all stevia products are mostly something other than stevia! Here’s a good site that explains it all very well, including breaking down the many different stevia products!

Yet another natural sweetener hits Big Agri! bleah