This is the name of the being I once was, when I first came to this world. It is the name I use for my higher self too. The pic above is similar to the form I had on my home world…there is no lower torso, and no legs. Since we were not physical beings, we had no need for legs, or even the lower chakras. Our chakra system begins with the heart chakra. I am of the pink ray, with a silver overlay. Pink is the color of love, and silver of intellect.

Yes, we have wings sometimes, but we’re not angels. Although we were all once angels, until we took on free will and descended. But each of us has wings, not great feathery things, but astral tubes that help us to pick up subtle energies from the environment, much like the antennae on moths. To be honest, most angels do not have their wings open…they don’t need that much help to sense things. I have noticed when I am on the Other Side that it is mostly humans with their wings open, esp. the newly arrived.

I once did a meditation to open my wings, and it was an amazing experience! I walked around the next day at work literally on cloud 9! LOL What amazed me the most was the realization that only one other person I encountered in a plant of 300 people had their wings open too! And I am certain he did not knowingly have them open. sigh It is very sad to me that people do not even realize they have wings, which could aid them so much in understanding what is going on outside the physical.

Although Ladosa Jenavi is of the pink ray, little ol’ me does not always feel so loving. She is my higher self though, a much higher vibration than the dense persona I am now. My Oversoul radiates in the pink ray, but this physical persona is more filtered, and has more colors. I believe I am more indigo right now, although I am not good at “seeing” auras. But Ladosa Jenavi is the standard to aim for, and she does “channel” through me at times. You will encounter her memories and reflections in the Goldie Chronicles.