Of course this conspiracy theory has been around for a while, but I investigated it a bit for myself.

Occult Codex 07-19-16

There has been a lot of talk that the lunar landing was a hoax. This is based on the fact that NASA built a set to portray the moon, and the astronauts staged scenarios there. I need to double-check that idea. But I do remember seeing a photo of stacks of videotapes in an abandoned McDonalds. I believe this was on In5D.com. They were a type that needs a special viewer that is no longer made. I think NASA released them thinking that the info is safe as result. 

I think perhaps the footage was created to doctor any footage from the moon that was “disturbing”. They wouldn’t want to panic the planet by showing hostile aliens telling us to “go home and stay there”! I wonder if the tapes were made before or after the landing? If it was before, then had they already made contact, or were aware from previous missions, that the aliens were already there? Maybe it as in case things didn’t go well? They were hedging their bets, just in case? After all, the whole world was watching! It really needed to go without a hitch. 

Although I was only 6 or 7 yrs old when it happened, I still remember the feeling of elation, victory from around the world. As an empath, I remember feeling like the whole world was cheering – I could “feel” it. It was greater than just from those of us in our small school (less than 100 kids in all grades from kindergarten to Grade 8). I also distinctly remember the feeling that we had escaped our earthly bounds and that everything was now possible. I think that positive can-do attitude was necessary for humanity to bring about a new era. And it did.

So maybe NASA didn’t want to derail that by showing some disturbing actual footage? This resonates with me – it makes more sense than thinking the whole thing was a hoax. I do believe they landed on the moon – there was way too much planning, R&D, money spent on the project, and subsequent space exploration. I need to research this further – I didn’t read the In5D article about the moon landing as hoax. In the morning…

I still have to do that research…but I’m feeling like my brain is on overload about the whole topic these days. bleah This is the article on In5d that I had been reading.