It seems that some psychics are getting the message that the upper echelon of the Cabal (the Illuminati) have been removed from our planet, and only the lower minions are still here. Mind you, they are still causing problems, but they are running scared because their bosses are gone now. I had heard this before…that after 12-21-12, that the portals between the archon/reptilian worlds are closed off and no more evil beings can enter our world.

But this is the latest from a Bob T at TreeoftheGoldenLight and reported on This article just came out today, Aug 5, 2016.

It is the top master controllers of the Cabal that have been removed in full 100% from earth. They cannot and will not be able to have any more influence, or control not only over humanity but also their minions that they left behind. The minion’s source of communication and guidance has been cut off, permanently! Because of this it has thrown them in disarray, and they are easy pickings as opposed to the master controllers. They know that they are done, and many of them are scrambling to make deals to do anything to save them from certain doom.

I do feel that this is so…I think these latest attempts to scare us and make us think things are getting worse are just smoke and won’t come to pass. Like the Zika scare, and the racial tensions and killings…even GMOs and chemtrails. This is just the final attempts at mind control, and they aren’t working.

Pretty soon the corporate owned media will no longer be able to block out the truth and continue to perpetuate the lies. Much of what is being reported is rehashed, old, or purposely instigated to keep the minds of the people in turmoil and lack of hope for things to become better. You can find more truth on the internet and independent news sources than you can in mainstream media. It’s there, you just have to look with a different set of eyes and a different mindset of understanding and awareness.

I do not have TV service, and I don’t watch the news. I’m only vaguely aware of what’s going on in the world, esp. the bad stuff. I don’t pay attention to the bad stuff, for I know that

  • I can’t do anything about it, so why stress myself out about it? If it comes to my awareness, I send Love and Light to the area with the problem.
  • a lot of it is misinformation, exaggerated and made to sound worse than it really is. Again, I can only send Love and Light to help fix the problem.

I choose to pay attention to the positive stuff…I ask my higher self to filter what I need to know. I am very happy to have found some really positive news today!