Well, I just read an interesting article about 2 new crops circles that popped up on July 28th and July 30th. This psychic got very positive readings about what those circles’ messages are…I’m feeling really excited by the prospects!!!

The first crop circle was an 8 pointed star, and it’s message given was

When I asked about this formation, I received that pyramidal energy (in Earthly and stellar formations) were powering up for something big. […] We can expect to see an acceleration of energy from earthly pyramids and sacred node points on the Earth in the very near future.

The second crop circle is a 20 point inverted star, and it’s message is even more promising!

I was shown that the sphere was our Earth, and we were being told that it is NOW in the process of receiving a huge and incredible influx of powerful and transformational energy and LIGHT. But what was even more exciting is that I was shown that a powerful inward portal has been created (a wormhole in time and space of sorts) of which the Earth and humanity will pass through. This is the beginning of what could be a 180 degree shift in many ways the mass population does things, and how they perceive the world around them. Those people who are feeling that their job was done and over might very well get new, evolved job descriptions and a new boost toward even higher goals.

This excites me, because maybe my purpose will finally show up! I am sooo ready!!!