I have a dear friend who lives near the Dotsero Volcano in Colorado.

Dotsero is a 700-meter wide by 400-meter deep maar volcano located in Dotsero, Colorado near the junction of the Colorado River and the Eagle River. It is classified as a scoria cone with evaporitic rock, basaltic tephra, and oxidized sandstone. – Wikipedia

He often hikes there and finds all manner of interesting rocks. And he sweetly gave me one that has been termed a Dotsero Diamond. They are pieces of basalt with small crystals embedded in them.

Now, I had tried to meditate with it before, with blah results. Last night, before signing off with me on Facebook, my friend suggested I try meditating with it again. So, when I woke as usual at 4 am, I decided to do just that. With much better results this time, I’m pleased to report!

When I first picked it up, I lay back down and decided it was best to put it on my heart chakra. Nothing much happened…it’s not really a stone for the heart chakra. So instead, I decided to see if it would speak to me. I asked it if it had a message for me. And I was surprised and delighted by its answer!

I have always had a hard time grounding for some reason. I do all those tree meditations, imagining my roots digging deep into the earth. I never seem to feel grounded and connected to the earth with any of these. I can connect to Gaia, but that’s more in my head, if you will, not my body grounded. Well, this stone got very heavy on my chest, and I could feel myself sink into the earth. It told me that I was doing it wrong, at least for me. Instead of hooking into the earth with roots, I should try to blend in with the rocks. There is no hooking in, no separation, when you are a rock. You are part of the earth, period. LOL

Wow! this was a revelation for me! I felt very strongly grounded with this visualization instead. I loved that feeling of sinking into the earth, being wrapped in Her arms literally. 🙂 What a wonderful thing for this Dotsero Diamond to teach me! And strangely, I feel like it helped heal my heart center. Thank you Dotsero Diamond, and thank you Kenneth for giving her to me. ❤