I had an upsetting type of day with the neighbors upstairs fighting yet again, and the noise level was so bad I called the police. Only to have the young guy arrive on my doorstep crying because I had. bleah What had he ever done to me? blah blah blah. It wasn’t about him…it was about her, and her screaming, and slamming doors, and clomping around up there. Whatever.

I needed to ground myself. So I used the Dotsero diamond stone again, which really helps me feel that heaviness of sinking into the earth. Laying down with it on my chest, I can feel myself melting into the earth and the negativity sinking away from me. Then…it got hot again. I don’t know if it’s the piece of quartz inside it or what, but something activates that basalt and makes it not just warm, but feel hot. So…I asked it why it gets hot.

I got the image of an underground magma chamber, with a river of lava. I know this was the Dotsero volcano, and asked if it was where it came from, or whether that was what was going on now. I was told both. I asked if there is still that magma chamber under the caldera and was told yes. I asked if this meant that the volcano would erupt soon, and was told “in the spring”. Now I know better than to assume this coming spring…there’s no such thing as time, and predictions can be pretty general…the “spring” could mean next year or 10 years from now! But I was shown the caldera coming to life with spring wildflowers, and the magma seeping up and destroying them.


It was a specific type of wildflower too…a tall thin flower, with long thin leaves, a long stalk about 2 ft high, and a 2 in diameter flower of a golden yellow color. It had 8 petals, and I was told “like flax”. Kinda like the flax field above, except the flowers were golden instead of blue. Beware when there is a field of golden wildflowers in the caldera! I need to warn my friend, for he likes to go hiking there, and finds all manners of interesting stones there.

I don’t know how prophetic this “vision” was, but that is what the Dotsero Diamond told me when I asked why it was so hot.