My friend K and I had an (always) interesting chat the other day about the archangels. He claims that the 12 archangels are in fact the 12 apostles of Jesus. Although…there is a lot of debate about how many archangels there are. See here for a religious discourse of this topic.

Some argue only one…Michael, since he is the only one named in the Bible. The Roman Catholic Church recognizes 3, because in the Apocrypha (an ancient text the RC bible acknowledges), Gabriel and Raphael are designated as archangels. The Coptic Church recognizes Uriel as the archangel of salvation, based on the books of Esdras in their Bible, which the RC church no longer recognizes. Now Revelation 8:2 reads: “And I saw the seven angels who stand before God; and to them were given seven trumpets.” and some identify these seven angels as archangels. I had always thought there were only 7.

The Kabbalah recognizes 4, one for each cardinal point: Michael the south, Gabriel the west, Uriel the north, and Raphael the east. And other traditions hold that they represent each of the days of the week:  Michael (Sunday), Gabriel (Monday), Raphael (Tuesday), Uriel (Wednesday), Selaphiel (Thursday),Raguel or Jegudiel (Friday), and Barachiel (Saturday). Now, I’ve never even heard of Selaphiel, Raguel or Jegudiel and Barachiel!!! Jewish apocalyptic literature of the postexilic period describes seven archangels who stand in the presence of God: Suruel, Raphael, Raguel, Michael, Gabriel, Remiel, and Uriel (from the Tobit 12:15; and 1 Enoch 20:1-7; 9:1; 40:9) These are 7 slightly different archangels. Interestingly, Enoch went on to become the archangel Metatron. Okay. Uh huh. Whatever. I don’t think looking at human documents lends any credence to a valid accounting of the archangels. It all seems to depend on which Bible, and which supporting ancient documents that Bible uses.

Now the idea of 12 archangels is out there in Googleland, but I’m still trying to pin down the names of the 12. Here I’ve found 15 of them…Michael ~ Raphael ~ Gabriel ~ Ariel ~ Azrael ~ Chamuel ~ Haniel ~ Jeremiel ~ Jophiel ~ Metatron ~ Raguel ~ Raziel ~ Sandalphon ~ Uriel ~ Zadkiel. Doreen Virtue recognizes the 15. Still can’t find only 12. So I guess my friend’s assertion is just as valid as anyone else’s.

Wait…I found only 12 named as the Angels of Atlantis (see graphic above). Hmmm…that’s interesting. Didn’t Enoch (Metatron) live after Atlantis??? Although granted, he could have been the archangel Metatron before he became the human Enoch. Same with his “brother” Sandalphon. Is this very confusing, or is it just me???? Makes the whole archangel issue seem suspect to me.

Now my friend claims to have been Nathanael, not Nathaniel, the one who was talked about in the Gospel of John.

Nathanael (Hebrew נתנאל, “God has given”) of Cana in Galilee is a follower or disciple of Jesus, mentioned only in the Gospel of John in Chapters 1 and 21.Wikipedia

Furthermore, disciples are followers of Jesus:

Disciples is a common word for people who followed Jesus Christ during his lifetime, particularly the Twelve Disciples or the Seventy Disciples. – Wikipedia

It doesn’t mean that all disciples/followers were part of the 12 Apostles though. Anyway, I don’t believe that Nathanael was one of the main 12, although my friend is asserting that his higher self is an archangel. Is this creating cognitive dissonance for me? Hoo boy…yes it is! LOL Hence this post. He claims that Judas was not an Apostle…just a hanger on who was always looking for handouts. He didn’t come right out and say he was the 12th instead of Judas, but…what am I to infer?

In my belief structure, archangels are no more than ascended masters, much like saints, Buddha, other gods and goddesses…once human and now perfected and no longer needing to incarnate to pay off karma. In this worldview then, my friend probably isn’t an archangel, because he wouldn’t need to be here if he was. I don’t believe that any of the ascended masters have come back to earth in human form, despite the wonderful brink we are on. I think my friend is being duped by a woman who is being duped by the False Light. I have had debates with this woman, and she has some very questionable assertions that do not ring as Truth. My friend Kenneth thinks very highly of her, but he is just recently awakened. I don’t think his discernment is as good as it should be. sigh

Anyway…this was an interesting excuse to look further into the whole archangel issue. My position still stands on them though…I won’t deal with them, and I don’t trust them. I am still inclined to think of them as archonangels, and the graphic showing them as Angels of Atlantis solidifies it in my mind. They appeared to the Atlanteans too? Hmmm…I will rant about Atlantis at another time. LOL