Another interesting conversation with my friend K. We talk about a lot of esoteric topics, something that neither of us can do with anyone in our family or immediate circle of friends. We got to talking about the moon, and how it’s an artificial satellite of some sort or other. He claims that in

1998 I began dreaming about being abducted by a preprogrammed ship.

I was taken to another galaxy. Along the way I was taught a new language, and as history of this world’s invasion by reptiles. Adults were slaughtered and children taken to create a slave race.

When I arrived there, my task was to return to earth with a moon-sized production facility to build defensive space ships to protect earth.

Now isn’t that a fascinating proposition? He said that the memory resurfaced after he watched David Wilcox video “Ascension Mysteries”. It brought a lot of things into focus for him, and he claims there was full disclosure on it. I will have to watch this video now. LOL