Wow! I am watching David Wilcock’s “The Ascension Mysteries: Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil” video right now. He has a lot to say in this almost 2hr long video, but man, is he ever cogent! And he has some very important insider information that he knows could get him into trouble with the powers that be.

He talks about 70ft humans who have made use of the moons of our galaxy as colonies…not just our moon, but all the large moons of all the planets. Many are just as large as ours, and supposedly, they come from the very large planet that once existed and was pulverized into the asteroid belt. The 70ft giants (Nephilim???) used the moons, which are all artificial satellites, as vehicles to leave the dying planet. There are supposedly huge rooms, with 100ft doorways, inside most of these moons.

NASA knows this stuff, but of course, they don’t want us to panic and so have never told us they found any of this. David has some very impressive photos and intel about what some insiders with NASA have been sharing with a few select people. I guess NASA is now deciding it’s time to let some stuff out of the bag. Too much damning and incriminating photos out there. Our technology is letting even amateurs see things that NASA doesn’t want us to see. We have to be careful of disinformation too, but David has been doing a lot of the research to bring us the truth.

According to David and his insider sources, the moon is hollow and has large interior structures inside it. And glass tubes connecting them. And even glass structures outside that have been shattered by an event that also destroyed the northern part of Africa, causing the Sahara Desert. I guess if you dig down 30 to 400 ft, you will find all kinds of technology there…these are the remnants of the giants from the moon and Mars who came down to Earth and built a colony in that part of the Persian Gulf.

So…here is proof that the Moon is indeed an artificial satellite…a death star type of structure I guess you could say. Hmmm…the mystery just deepens. Just when I kinda had it straight in my head. I have my friend K to thank for telling me about this video and its truths. They had a great impact on my friend, although I’m only halfway through, so I’ll blog about more of it later.